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Will he come back to me, he loved me so much, will he call ?

Can you fall out of love within a week? He told me he loved me. We been together for almost a year and a half now. We argue everyday. Over stupid... Show More

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  • No one is telling him anything he is just tired of arguing and is looking at this to be his out. He did not kiss or be loving because he is not doing it anymore. I know that is hard to hear but I think it is over and he is just tired of it all. I would just focus on yourself and move on. Its not that easy to do. But accepting that its over is a start. I would not call him or anything. Its just as hard for him as it is for you. But, it doesn't look good. Maybe a long break would help you out. But, he isn't bluffing.

    • This guy was so in love with me did all for me and when I seen him that day he said he loved me back and he held me like he loved me. Same just looked sad and confused can I get him back do you think he will miss me and callme?

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  • Believe me I know how you feel. One minute you two are affection it towards each other and the next you are not. I think you should let things cool off for a while and then try to talk to him. I think when you're mad you say a lot of stuff that you don't mean but you say it and then regret it. I think I'm guilty of that. But I can tell you that once someone tells you to leave the house/apartment that you two shared, it hurts deep down inside. I was in the same position as your boyfriend. Me and my ex lived together for almost 8 months and he told me to leave too. I was speechless and hurt but I did. I felt like a piece of trash that he can just pick up and throw outside and not think twice about it. I can tell that he is tired but at the same time I think he is hurting more than you. Be patient and give him his space.Let him know that when he's ready to talk you will be there for him.

    • I can't let him know no contact I have for him no phone only a friends house yet he accepts no calls there.will he return I know where he lives close to where I'm at now do I go to him or wait it out I'm scared to loose him for someone else give him time >?

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