Where is your favourite place to drink beer?

  • Down the pub with good mates
    Vote A
  • In the comfort of my own home with a few mates
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  • At home by myself
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  • By myself in a seedy bar
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  • At one of my favourite sporting events
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  • At work
    Vote F
  • Alone in a dark, secluded allyway at night
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  • So so so SO hard to choose between A (at the pub with some buddies) and E (at a sporting event).

    I have to vote E. To me, beer and sporting events go together! As an American born and raised, I will admit that I drink WAY more beer during the American football season.

    When I go out to drink at restaurant bars and the like, unless I see a draft beer I never had before or if I am at a brewhouse, I drink more hard liquor drinks anyway. ;-)


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