Train yourself not to like sweets?

Okay a long time ago (years) I wanted to lose weight and eat healthier so I trained myself to hate ice cream. I really want to stop eating sweets all together but I can't remember how I did it with the ice cream.
The way i did it worked so well to this day anything that tastes or resembles ice cream I don't like.
Any ideas on how to stop eating sweets all together?


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  • The fuck do you train yourself to 'hate' the taste of ice cream? Do you smoke a whole carton at once? Hahaha.
    I have no idea, I tend not to get that excited for any kind of candy.

    • I truly hate ice cream because I was fat and wanted to be thin.
      So I stopped eating it and managed to train myself not to

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  • "A moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips."
    That's not how I'd do it, though... I just buy better alternatives. Fruit is sweet. Depending on what you buy, it can be very sweet, like red grapes or red apples. I found that eating a bowl of red grapes was hardly different from eating a small chocolate bar. Here's what I suggest:

    1) Buy better foods. Ask your family to get you fruits and vegetables. A healthy meal that I make sometimes is 1 kiwi, 15 grapes, and a stick of celery. For most people, that's a snack, but I'm not good with meal planning. Filling a plate with good foods is much better than filling a plate with sweets, so you can have as many fruits and vegetables as you want. Vegetables are very low in calories.
    2) Drink tea. It's known to be an appetite suppressant, and some people consume it to lose weight. Oolong and green are the only teas I suggest. Depending on where you live, you'd have to order Oolong online (try Amazon - it's cheap). Tea (especially green) tastes bitter, but try not to add things to it. Get used to the bitterness. Learn to like it. Then, when you eat fruit, it tastes soooo much better. (Also, just know that oolong tea is made of green and black tea. It has the same caffeine as 1/3 of a cup of coffee when brewed for 3 minutes. It's best not to consume too much of it.)
    3) A third option is to make a list of foods you don't want to eat. Add as many foods as you can that are very high in sugar. For my list I just avoid soda and chocolate, since that's what my family buys, but yours can vary depending on the foods around you.

    Hope that helps. :)


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  • Do it cold turkey. Either get rid of them all together or keep something healthier near them so you can always see the better alternative


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  • Fruits with frozen yogurt is a healthier alternative to ice cream. Less sugar, less sodium and less fat.

  • Every time you feel tempted to eat something sweet just think to yourself, "this feels good now, but will it be worth it later?"

  • Think of how much damage it does to your teeth and the possibilities of you having blood sugar problems as you grow up.

  • Just eat so much of it you get sick of it, or just prioritize you being healthy over the taste of ice cream, or buy healthy ice cream

    • I'm worried about gaining weight too

    • If you take a couple of bananas and chop them up, hen out them in a container and freeze them, then put them in a blend with plant milk and cinnamon you get a creamy delicious and healthy dessert. I'm assuming you could also use other fruits and there are quite a big variety of plant milks. Oh and i added vanilla extract

    • Oh okay. I'll definitely try that