Am I the only one who's treated like this in subways restaurants?

So I don't go there often but I like the stuff so every time I go there I don't really know how the composition of stuff works.

The staff there is always treating me like " ugh why don't you know this shit" it's really irritating. It's not like ordering a cheeseburger and if you don't do it often how are you supposed to know?


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  • I've been to quite a few Subways and while some of the employees can be very friendly and helpful, there are also a lot of very impatient ones that you can tell don't even want to be there. One of my local Subways has a menu where you can just check the toppings, bread, and sides you want, and I find that a lot easier and less anxiety-inducing (for me). It is especially easier in the drive-thru where the speakers are muffled and it's easy to mess it up.


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  • The people who work at the one by me are jerks. I don't eat there, but I've picked food up for people before, and they are pretty rude.


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  • Some people are just plane rude, especially in fast food restaurants

    • I find the people at Mc Donald's or burger King to be nice... they can be stressed out in the rush hours... but that's normal.

  • Actually, @gernericname85, this Particular Subway I go into is Very Accommodating and the Staff real Friendly. They are not Scared to Stuff my Sandwich, and they are well Mannered enough to Answer any Questions I Might have about Anything new or old I might Want to Order.
    If they are Handing you Attitude, it's because they just Hate their Job and Probably should Move to the Back of the Line and find a new One... If they can.
    Good luck and Consider the Source or Find a different Subway. xx

  • I've only gotten a Bad service from subway once. The guy gave me my orders wrong and I ended up eating a calorie bomb instead of the lower cal Version. And he wrapped it like a 3 year old wrapping a present. You should know how to order though after going there just once lol. Choose your sub, then choose your bread. Then choose any extra cheese or meats, then what veggies you want, and finally your sauce. I always ASK them in the sauce part "what do you recommend with that?" and then take whatever they recommend. It would make them happier, I guess lol

    • the choices are so many and you don't get a list to look at prior to ordering...

    • There are often stickers on the screen of the counter. If in doubt, always pick "honey oat" for bread. It's the best and possible healthiest

    • yes but I have to read the stickers first. they bombard me with questions before I get to that xD

  • Hmm, no, most Subway employees have been pretty good at putting everything together.

  • Didn't happen with subway restaurants but another one.


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  • They much prefer to serve regular customers who can reel off what they want off the top of their heads.

    They hate the people who do one-off visits, where the range and combinations are mind blowing and have to be explained in detail.

    I think they might well get paid according to how many the churn out, so anyone holding up the queue is not wanted.

    • well there aren't a lot other customers that have to wait behind me in line usually...

    • There's always a queue outside ours at lunchtimes. Right out of the door!

    • yeah i´s like that in the city but in the one i go to, there are usually only 2-3 customers

  • Wtf is a subway "restaurant"? If your talking about that 24/7 sandwich slop with a child rapist for a mascot all I can tell you is anyone working their hates their life.

  • It's not rocket science but stay out of subway. That shit is nasty.

    • in Germany we have strict food and hygiene laws. therefore it can't be worse than other fast-food like MC Donald's and burger King. I'm not saying it's good or healthy but that's what fast-food is...

    • In Canada subway isn't very good, maybe the quality is different. We have plenty of healthier and better choices that are fast serving.

    • yeah we have too but sometimes I just like that sloppy, unhealthy shit xD