Have you ever made something to eat that you thought was gonna be delicious but you ended regretting horribly?

I'm going through my spoils of war and apparently I made some kind of croissant roll stuffed with strawberry jam (?) and chocolate and cinnamon. And covered in powdered sugar.

And it makes my mouth sad.


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  • I tried making a potato pizza like i saw on the internet. Pizza sauce does not go with potato's

    • LOL. So now I have to go try it.

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  • That sounds rough. I went to the store because I was craving steak, and I bought one for cheap. When I tried to eat it, it was tough and it tasted sour. then I noticed it was expired. Sigh.

    • Oh my god that's gross and awful and I'm so sorry, lol. I love steak. This story made my heart sad.

    • yeah, but it happens to everyone. lol.


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  • You just brought a horrible memory lol. I tried to make something super simple, a baked potato with cheese and broccoli in it. I love to cook and have cooked great stuff, but this wasn't one of them. I ate half of 1 out of the 4 and ended up tossing out the rest. I hate cooking something bad, but I hate throwing out food even more.

    • What was so bad about it?

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    • One time, when I was younger, like 6? I think, and just learning how to cook, I was going to make a grilled cheese sandwich.
      But, I'm chinese, so like, my parents always steamed everything when they cooked; just add some water at the end and close the lid, you know.
      So I'm like, *making grilled cheese* and I throw some water in there and steam it.
      Lollllll. RIP. It was a few years before I could eat a grilled cheese sandwich, properly made or not.

    • Wow! I was reading your story and I'm thinking... Don't put the grilled cheese in water lol. Even at 25 it was only a few years ago that I was burning through pots and pans. Thank goodness for A. practice, and B. I don't have to actually cook for anyone but me. And thank goodness for takeout.

  • Yeah, chocolate & cinnamon don't go with strawberry jam I don't think lol.

    I can't recall anything I've made? I'm pretty reserved that way though, I don't experiment much, if ever. I know what I like and stick with it. lol

  • I thought that putting soy sauce and wasabi in mashed potatoes was a good idea.

    It wasn't.

  • sushi. i hated it but gave it like 5 tries and it ended up being my favourite food, when i finally found a decent sushi palce.

  • Yeah, bacon wrapped chicken breast stuffed with spinach. I'm sure it was good for most but I don't like spinach lol I seen it and thought it looked delicious lol

  • When using cinnamon you have to be careful as a little goes a long way. Too much and it can overpower not taste very good.

    • Yeah, I know, but ty anyways. Lol cinnamon doesn't even bother me, it was the chocolate (I hate chocolate). And the strawberry flavor was just there like... in the background. It was weird.
      But I know what you mean. Sometimes I add a little too much nutmeg or clove to something and it turns into like, straight nutmeg mac n cheese.

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