Are there any companies/restaurants who advertise their products as unhealthy?

Even McDonald’s advertise their products as healthy, when we all know (including people who work there), McDonald’s food is not the healthiest food around. Only the ultimate idiot would actually believe that.

So, I wonder if there are any food companies/restaurants who say “Our food is totally unhealthy. Eat with your own risk.”

Seriously if I had a restaurant, that would be my slogan.


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  • Lol the problem is our society is becoming health conscious so therefore you would not get too many sales from that as people would become very skeptical about what they are eating when they read the words "eat at your own risk" I mean I understand you're trying to be honest to people which is awesome but every company lies a little bit to get people to buy their food or product... look at A&W for example they kept using "our burgers are hormone free" for the past couple years and now their sales are up lol

    • Cigarette packs say openly "smoking kills". So why not the same with food?

    • I think it's because the government requires that... I wish the government put laws on that for food


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  • Doubt it, because even though people will know it's different when a restaurant openly says it's food is unhealthy

  • Thats why MDs is doing bad...

    KFC is your answer, they don't claim to be healthy at all lmao