Don't know what to bake?

Hi everyone!
I was planning to bake something nice, like a good-looking dessert. I want it to look good and taste good as well.
So I was wondering if any of you had any ideas of what I could make?
Just a name or a picture for some inspiration would be enough and for very good help.
I'll add some pictures too so you can understand better what I'm looking for..

Don't know what to bake?Don't know what to bake?Don't know what to bake?Don't know what to bake?Don't know what to bake?Don't know what to bake?


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  • I would say to go for a fruit tart. It's easy enough to where you likely won't disappoint yourself and it actually is really, really pretty considering the low level of difficulty. You just make a tart crust, mash it into a pretty tart pan, make a pastry creme (you can use vanilla pudding if you want to cheat), then top it with tons of fresh fruit. Choose a lot of different colors so that it's super colorful. The tart pan does all the magic of making it pretty.

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    • Well.. That was totally for no help at all... 😐

    • If you smoke some weed, believe me, you will want to bake - and eat!

      I'd go with banana bread. I got stoned in 1988 and ate some banana bread and, because of that, I think I saw God.

  • I'd suggest a Mountain Dew cake, but those are lacking in the aesthetic category. My second suggestion would be an ice cream cake with Oreos, but I have no idea if those are even possible to make with household materials. Try making a bunch of different-colored frosting and decorating a regular yet oddly shaped cake with them in an elaborate fashion.

    • I really liked the idea of ice cream cake with Oreos! Yeah, I can a recipe, and with that it is possible to make it with household materials 😄 thank you!

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    • You may find some recipes on the Internet😊
      I could've sent you the one I found, but I don't think you will understand it because it is on another language😅

    • But if you can't find any then I'll translate it for you,
      You were the one that gave me the idea anyway haha

  • I make a mean peach cobbler.

  • You can't go wrong with authentic German Black Forest Cake and even to make it from scratch isn't all that difficult.

  • cheese cake

  • Chocolate cake with brown sugar icing


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