Any ideas on something I could make for dinner?

Two years ago today I lost my baby, it's been very hard and last year I had a special day on this day and colored a picture and made dinner type deal. This year I wanna do the same, I wanna color a picture and write a little note and in the summer time I'll attach it to a balloon and let it go. It's like 10 degrees here now so I don't think the balloon would go far. I wanna make a special dinner but my boyfriend and I have sorta had a stomach bug lately so I was thinking maybe I could make something that would be easy on our stomachs but still special because of the day I just have no ideas what to even make though.


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  • I don't know. just sorry to know about your baby


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  • I'm sorry, anything meaty like a steak or a light chicken meal would be good something simple like some baked chicken and rice and some other stuff