How do you make pretzel bites at home?

I had some pretzel bites at some movie theaters before and I loved pretzel bites. The problem is that, I want to eat pretzel bites to watch a movie at home. I went to Aldi to see do they sell any pretzel bites, but they only have medium-sized breaded pretzel in a box. There are a total of 6 medium-sized breaded pretzel. I got some regular cheese dip (not nachos cheese) to go with it, but it doesn't taste right because the breaded pretzel are salty and I don't like taste of cheese dip to go with it.
What stores sell pretzel bites? How do you make homemade pretzel bites? What are the ingredients do I need to make pretzel bites at home?


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  • You can if you have the patience to, there are many recipes online, I personally like the ones in the mall at Auntie Anne's


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  • To conjure pretzel bites you need to sacrifice a diddleberry muffin to the lord saviour Cheesus Crust on a night with a crescent moon followed by a day of hidden sun.

    Blood must pay for blood and yeast must pay for yeast, it is known.