Food on a budget?

My boyfriend and I are moving in together in a couple weeks. I'm hoping to up my hours so I'll have some more money by we still need to budget hard on our food. So I'm hoping you guys can give some good variety of dinner ideas and lunch too for us :)

i am planning on making bigger portions of things to freeze some down too but we don't have too much freezer space.


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  • Pasta dinners with prepared sauce are economical. Chicken is a relatively inexpensive and healthy protein.


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  • Hmmm, boxes of pasta, cans of tuna, and uncooked oatmeal are things that'll last a long time, fill you up, and aren't very expensive. Should fit perfect in a budget. Hopefully this helps. Frozen veggies are great too.


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  • pasta meals are perfect when u'r on a budget its really cheap, along with rice. tacos are pretty cheap to make too

  • Shop and cook smart. Buy deep freezed stuff. Carbs are cheap so work on finding cheap sources of protein, like chicken, pork, yogurt and whey powders.

    • We'll be getting our groceries delivered as we don't have a car. Hopefully will eliminate the impulse buying

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