Why won't he give me oral sex?

I've been in a friends with benefits situation were he has a girlfriend and 2 kids but he hasn't give me oral sex he says he doesn't even do his girlfriend and he'll definitely do it if we have a 3sum but when its just me and him he always says we'll see and never does it what does this mean?

I don't shave but I have very little hair down their! But I do give him oral really good oral
About spraying a perfume I use a body lotion guys are always telling me how good I smell when I pass them, I'm just confused iv always gotten oral

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  • This reminds me of an ex of mine. I would go down of him and he wouldn't even touch me. Just stop going down on him. He is being unfair, and he will understand more once you stop.

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    he has a girlfriend and 2 kids "

    "he'll definitely do it if we have a 3sum but when its just me and him he always says we'll see"

    He knows you don't want a threesome and keeps his oral favors for the mother of his kids.

    Since she probably doesn't want a threesome either (or not with you) it's a way of saying "no" without using the word "no"

    You're just the third person...the FWB, in plain language: the mistress

    btw, does his girlfriend know about you?

  • You should shave many guys hate pubic area hair a clean vagina is always a turn on to lick all the night

  • don't give him oral anymore, if he asks why tell him he should return the favor first then you go down on him, 3 sum that bulllsh*ttt.

  • Parts of the answer are here too: link

  • wow that is messed up.. I always want to go down on a woman when having sex.

    I think he wants a threesome and he is selfish because he probably expects you to go down on him.

  • Do you give him oral ?. If so he must return the favor. Do you shave you pubic area ? Wear a nice perfume? This is something may turn him on to give you oral