What do you guys think? Does she like me?

There's a lot to write so please be patient. So this girl that I like a LOT knows for a fact that I like her because I told her so. But she said over a month ago that she thinks that sees me only as a friend. But I've been questioning it due to a bunch of things. First off, more recently, she's been acting not so much as a friend but as if she's interested. Like at college I sit in the library between classes and I notice every time that she enters, she sits next to me on a computer and says "I always "run into you here". The next is that this girl never sings for anyone, not even her friend since she was 7 years old. She has sent me 3 recordings of herself singing. And one of them was Lego house by ed sheeran (my favorite one) and the last thing that really confuses me is that I spent the night with her and two other friends at another friends out and we were all hanging out and sitting on our friends bed. Since there are four people it gets crowded. Anyways I move over to give her room to lie down and instead of lying down completely, she positions herself and rests her head on my chest and uses it as a pillow and every so often looks up at me and I just smile at her and she gives me a half-smile (one of the cute ones). This all confuses me because she KNOWS for an absolute fact that I like her a lot and she said that she thinks she only sees me as a friend. Thoughts?


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    Ummmmmmmm...I don't think you wrote a lot here at all,but now that you said you have,people might not view your post...but maybe that won't be the case.

    Its possible that she DOES only like you as a friend,but just likes the attention she gets from knowing that someone likes her...hence her behavior.Or maybe she is starting to have feelings...who knows.If you really want to find out,time will tell all.Or you can make some sort of joke about the two of you and see how she takes it.Girls play games often,and I think it could very well be the first thing...he behavior is the way it is because of the attention she gets.

    • Ugh,I think girls are annoying.If I were you I would search for straight shooters,people who aren't playing games.But just wait and see I guess...

    • women are so hard to understand sometimes hahahaa but thank you!

  • she mignt just give it a shot man

    • i will and thank

  • Only way to know is to bring to her attention these behaviors you've noticed and ask her why she's acting this way and if she's changed her mind. If she still says no, then it's time to move on in that portion of you're guys' relationship.

    • i feel like I should do that too thanks

  • Yes, she likes you a lot.

    By the way she acts, and even sends you her recordings, it means that you're the only guy for her.

    • i really hope so man. thanks for the input