"Guys should have to pay for all the meals since girls have to spend so much on make up and clothes...

To look good for guys?"

Do you think this is a good trade off? Do you think this makes sense? Why or why not?

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  • Vote A I agree, it's only fair that guys pay for the meals since girls have to pay a lot more to look good for guys
  • Vote B I disagree, girls pay for that stuff on their own, they don't always buy that stuff for guys so that's silly logic
  • Vote C I agree for different reasons
  • Vote D I disagree for different reasons

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    I disagree, girls buy/use that stuff because they want it's not like the guy actually asked them to use it... if that's the reason for girls don't even pay half of the meal, let's make it this calculation

    her cloths + make up + shoes + accessories + meal + his cloths + hair gel + shoes + accessories = 1st value / 2 persons = 2nd value

    1st value / 2 persons = 2nd value

    (her cloths + make up + shoes + accessories) - 2nd value = what she will pay

    (his cloths + hair gel + shoes + accessories) - 2nd value = what he will pay

    this way both will be spending the same but I guess it's too many maths to do to one date

    • Are you an econ student? Brought back my college text nightmares.

    • holy moly

    • Um...what?

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  • You tell me. What do you think?

    • I think its dumb too but I like when a guy pays however I have no problem paying for a guy when I want to show him I appreciate him and care about him

    • I think it's stupid lol. what do YOU think?

  • B.. that's not very nice to always depend or expect him to do that for us.. even if they do pay for it.. no harm in helping ever now and then.. help them feel like we're not completely using them for their money kinda thing.. anyway.. that's silly to expect them to always be able to pay unless they're like super rich or something haha.

  • Guys don't HAVE to pay for meals , they just CHOOSE to.

    Really , some guys I've dated were offended because I wanted to pay.

    I think if we both have money , then we should just split the cost .

    Makeup and clothes have nothing to do with it , if women were to go by that rule then the more physically attractive a woman is (looks all dolled up) , the more a man should pay for her. That automatically makes women objects , no woman wants to be an object.

    • @andre251 I think you are way overestimating how much it means that a guy pays for the date. That just means that he's willing to shell out cash: useful to know (if you're a prostitute). How he approaches the girl, how soon he calls/txts, on the other hand, shows what he's like. Is he eager? Too eager? Did he say something weird? Is it "nervous-weird" or "creepy-weird"? That's not a "little thing". You're describing either dumb girls or golddiggers, not people looking for a real relationship.

    • How many girls would not give a guy a second date if they had the girl pay for their own food?

      If girls don't give a guy a date for calling/texting too soon, or for other little things like how they approached, I imagine a bigger thing like paying will make the guy lose out.

      We pretty much HAVE TO PAY so we keep making everything seem all magical and perfect for you ladies.

  • lol that's the stupidest thing I have ever read/heard.

    thats called being a dinnerwhore.

    :) pay for your own meals. Unless he has to feed you to sleep with you.

  • I rarely wear make up and when I do it's very little so I'm not spending a ton of money on make up...and when I wear it it's because I want to. I don't buy special clothes just to look good for guys...I buy clothes that I like. I think the guy and the girl should split the cost of going out whether it's alternating who buys or just splitting each check. The only times it shouldn't be split is if one person is paying for the date for a special occasion or a surprise for the other person.

  • I disagree. I do however believe in a few "date etiquette" rules.

    Guys should pay on the first date & Valentine's as well. Any other times, girls should be perfectly fine with paying for themselves.

    I feel weird about buying a guy's dinner though (unless it's fast food or something), so I couldn't honestly say I think they should take turns buying. Paying for their own is totally acceptable though.

    Girls should spend some money on their man every once in a while though!

    • Thank you! :)

    • I swear you said it just like I was about to.. nicely said.

  • I don't wear make-up : / My boyfriend says I look beautiful without it. but even if I did, I wouldn't agree.

    • Thumbs Up..+1

  • lol no f***ing way. lame.

    anyways, I don't think that has anything to do with anything. & it presupposed there are things that are determined regardless of who you are or what the situation is--thats dangerous.

    anywys..no one has to pay for someone else..and no one has to wear make up. no one has to do anything they are not comfortable with. they just won't date someone ho answered yes to this.

    (I didn't mean you asking tihs Q, was lame. I just meant believing in that system would be retarded imo,)

    • I didn't think you were calling me lame. no worries. ;-)

  • I usually split the bill when I go out for dinner with my guy. We do go out often, like 2-3 times a week, so I can't possibly expect him to pay all the time. We treat each other to a dinner once in a while, like, I paid on his birthday, he paid on Valentine's, etc.

    I looooooove clothes and makeup things, but it's not really because I want to look good to my guy. I just like feeling girlie and dressing up, so it's not fair to expect him to cover for my expenses on makeup and clothes. If anything, girls dress up to impress other girls lol.

    It takes a lot of guts for a guy to ask out a girl, so for me, offering to split the bill is a gesture that says that I appreciate him asking me out. That said, a guy should always pay for the first date, because 1. it clarifies things (is it a date or not? often it's a date if a guy pays) and 2. a touch of tradition is always nice, classy and romantic. Our first date was a 2-hour lunch at an okay restaurant, so it's not like he paid a ton, but I appreciated the gesture.

    • toulouse: I'm referring to chivalry. although I'm an independent woman, it makes me happy that my guy likes me enough to spend money on me. again, it's the gesture that I appreciate, not the money. if he treats me to a dinner, I'll buy his dinner the next time to reciprocate. it's never about the money.

    • alot of girls ask guys out so...

      & I find it a bit disgusting that _money_ symbolizes the nature of the relationship.

      tradition. hmm, as un slavery, bind service, arranged marriage, domestic abuse, not having a vote, having to obey other people over yourself, not having the right to work... Which kind of tradition are you referring to exactly?

  • lol at all the girls who chose A. if you wanna buy makeup that's your choice, don't make the guy pay for your stuff just because you are too insecure to not wear makeup.

  • That's crap. A should only pay when he wants to. It's a move that a guys digs you and wants to invest a little in you. It should NEVER be expected.

  • Maybe I am old fashion or have been lucky but I never really had to pay for dates even after being together for some time. I always offer but almost never do they let me :P most of the time I just do the tipping. With my current boyfriend I have paid for a few of the dates and I kinda feel taken advantage of lol but then again its because he has not really been such a great boyfriend :S

  • I don't think that's it's based on a trade off... I think it's nice when the guy pays but I don't mind if we split it. I don't think it's fair for him to always pay. Especially for me because it is rare that I wear makeup or go shopping (if taking the mentioned point of view). I like it when he pays at times and I pay at times; that way the nice feeling goes both ways. At least I hope it does and he doesn't take as a hit to his dignity (as I've heard from friends). So in short... no that is not a good trade, that doesn't make sense, and because the cost of make up and clothes over weigh that of having to pay for meals.

  • Haha what? What girls do to look good should have nothing to do with the payment of the date.

  • No. Even if I do/would spend a sh*t ton on those things, that's just unfair.

    We'd take turns or split the price of the meal.

  • I agree with guys paying for meals, but not because girls spend stuff on make up and stuff to look good. First off I spend stuff on the little things to make me feel good about myself. Like most people say, how do you expect someone to like you if you don't like yourself? However I don't believe guys should pay for EVERYTHING, what I'm saying is that yes once in a while when a guy pays for the meal is I think good. It's traditional and a bit romantic. I mean if a guy expects a woman to make him a sandwich, why can't we girls expect men to splurge a little once in a while? It's a trade off really. Girls do stuff for guys, and guys do stuff for girls. Just simple as that.

    • I'm saying it's give and take. And it's not just about the money Moloch. I never said the guy should pay for everything, all I said was him paying for the meals once in a while isn't such a bad idea. Because dating is like courtship if the guy is CHEAP you can only imagine how it's going to be if you get married to the guy. I'm not saying everything leads to marriage I'm only giving an example. By the way Moloch, if you want to get into a girl's pants 50 dollars isn't enough.

    • Yeah.let me spend $50 bucks on a night out so you can make me a $2.50 sandwich.

    • What if the guy would rather make his own sandwich? O.o

  • no we split it

    • even now that were married we split it lol

    • good kait

  • we don't HAVE to do it,we do it cause we want to do it. everybody should pay for their own food unless they made some sort of deal that doesn't involve one of them having to pay for more than they use/eat,unless that is the deal and the other person is being compensated in a different way-like sugar daddies.

  • Lol no. I buy those things and take care of myself because I want to, regardless of whether I'm seeing someone or 'trying to get a guy' or not. I think that's silly. I think whoever initiates the date should be expecting to pay, simply because I wouldn't initiate a date if I didn't have the means/money to pay for it, or I would plan something that is still fun but costs nothing. And if you ask someone out but expect the other person to pay for their half, then that should be established before you're actually on the date, otherwise the other person might not be prepared because of that lack of communication and misunderstanding in expectations.

    In a relationship, I think the same basically applies, though in MY relationship, we take turns paying depending on whose idea it was to go out, and which of us has the means/money to cover it at the time. Or we go halves. Sometimes I just like to treat my guy to something nice, and vice versa. I don't expect him to pay for everything, by any means. Our spending tends to be pretty even when it comes to going out or buying things for each other. Like for example, I'm expecting my check any day now, and I was planning on springing for groceries this time, to make meals at home for both of us. That's me spending money on 'at home dates' kind of, and doing all the work myself. He doesn't know this yet because I only decided it today at work and made a shopping list a few minutes ago. I also added some other things that will be beneficial to us both, like laundry soap, razors, and lube. =P I'll probably end up wanting to go out too once I budget my money and set aside what I need for my bills, in which case I'll be paying because it's my idea and I know I have more money than he does right now due to our checks coming at different times. It's actually really convenient, because we're able to cover each other when necessary, and I'm sure he'll be wanting to return the favor when HE gets paid, whether it be paying for groceries or taking me out. It works for us.

  • That's ludicrous. What you do or buy on your own should have nothing to do with what the other person does for you.

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  • F*** that, my shoes cost more then theirs...

  • I think that's not true.

    The person who asks the other person out for a date should pay. Be it female or male. Maybe even both pay, 50/50.

    People buy makeup, hair gel, clothes, because they want it if they want to impress someone. That's up to them.

  • I stopped dating so I am winning lol. Money is going to better things...

    • I would mind if she paid for a few dates. At least if we broke up, I would not be completely broke... But right now I am winning! FEEEEEEEEDOM!

  • no, I would have more respect for a girl who just admit she is old fashioned and likes it when the guy pays.

  • i am not gona die if she looks ugly but ill die if I don't eat ;D people need to set priorities right xD

  • ... So guys should spend more money, because women have to spend money on themselves? But they are spending on themselves because they have to for guys? This is several logical leaps that make no sense.

  • This is not true at all. Girls always say that they look good for themselves and not for guys.

    Even so, girls brag to each other about how they got this make up or that pair of heels at discounted prices. When was the last time a guy bragged about how little he spent on a girl?

  • LOL, that girl is not getting a f***ing paid meal from me until she is sleeping in my bed. Until there is a "we" she isn't getting anything past maybe a coffee.Too many poor f***ing guys get used by chicks for drinks and food. Looking "pretty" is called taking care of yourself. If you can't manage that, I suppose men should get sh*t to for dressing up and looking good,taking care of many other things as well. Either way that is a weak argument, come back with something stronger.

  • That makes sense...HA


    If your only dating a woman because of her looks...

    WELL- pay for EVERYTHING; cause your a douche.

    other than that-it depends on the situation.

    If the guy is more financially secure, it'd be lousy to expect the woman to pay.

    and vice-versa.

    no relationship is supposed to be contingent upon whether who pays for what !

    Your just supposed to find something that works.

  • pathetic virgin logic

  • BULLSH*T...A hot female looks just as hot to me in jean cutoffs & a T-shirt...I might blow money on females but not for that reason...*vomits on shoes*...O:O

  • I don't mind paying, but I mind being expected to pay. You've got to at least reach for the check...

  • Disagree.

    Although it's true that girls do spend more money on make up to look good, guys open their wallets to look good as well. If a girl is invited for dinner, she shouldn't pay. Same for a guy. Otherwise it should be 50/50.

    But then again, may be its just me.

  • Makeup will be spent for the girls regardless. This is not even up for debate.

  • That's ridiculous. Guys have to buy toiletries to take care of themselves also. You could say they do it for girls in that case. Who said something so ridiculous?

    • ohhhh I see

    • Well I mean I already expressed my opinion of her answer right here on your question. Haha

    • Really? I don't see you there. lol O_o

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  • What about the gas for the car if we drive them?

    What about the car?

  • That's the biggest bunch of BS I've ever heard. Girls spend so much on make up and clothes because they WANT to, not because they HAVE to.

  • Girls don't HAVE to spend any more on looking good than guys do. There may be more pressure to look good, but no one's being forced to do anything. Same situation with guys paying for meals.

    It doesn't make sense that adding more pressure/rules to everyone is a solution. I guess it would create more equality, but I doubt most rational people would want everyone to be equally *oppressed* rather than liberated. So to the person who said what you quoted, if spending so much money on make-up and clothes is honestly so bothersome to you, stop doing it. Free yourself.

    I'm sure most girls reading that would say, "no, you don't understand, we do HAVE to spend that much," but seriously, I know girls who truly don't (my sister, for example). And if you were genuinely poor, would you waste your few dollars on that stuff? I doubt it.

  • I voted B. I can't really put it much better than you did, champ. I thought women look good for each other - not for men, right?

  • I disagree. Look at all the money I spent on lubricants and shaving oil.

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