Girlfriend has slept with a lot of guys.

I found out that my girl has slept with over 20 guys. This really bothers me and disgusts me. I really care about her but I'm not sure I could ever feel comfortable with this. Honestly, I think I'd be afraid to even sleep with her. What should I do?

She is in her early 20's. And I didn't really ask her. She kept talking about all these guys she had been with(against my will) and so I finally did question her to how many she had been with. Either way I would have thought she would have more respect fo


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  • Well I'm a guy in my twenties and I've been with a lot of girls and now that I'm in a past has nothing to do with my loyalty to my girl.. I'm faithful and I haven't shared all that info with my girl because I don't want her to judge me on my past...

    I believe one should never ask a question they don't really want the answer to ... but in your case I guess you couldn't make that decision...

    but now.. I think all you can do is try to put it out of you mind ...unless she does something that you feel is unacceptable behavior...

    good luck