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Girlfriend has slept with a lot of guys.

I found out that my girl has slept with over 20 guys. This really bothers me and disgusts me. I really care about her but I'm not sure I could ever... Show More

She is in her early 20's. And I didn't really ask her. She kept talking about all these guys she had been with(against my will) and so I finally did question her to how many she had been with. Either way I would have thought she would have more respect fo

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  • Well I'm a guy in my twenties and I've been with a lot of girls and now that I'm in a relationship...my past has nothing to do with my loyalty to my girl.. I'm faithful and I haven't shared all that info with my girl because I don't want her to judge me on my past...

    I believe one should never ask a question they don't really want the answer to ... but in your case I guess you couldn't make that decision...

    but now.. I think all you can do is try to put it out of you mind ...unless she does something that you feel is unacceptable behavior...

    good luck

What Girls Said 3

  • That's why you don't ask questions that you really don't want to know the answer to. There's nothing you can do really. Are you going to leave her for doing something before she met you? Come on now, be realistic... people do things that they may or may not be proud of but the past is the past and it can't be changed.

  • how old is she, and if you're really 30 to 35, this shouldn't bother you. lots of people have slept with over 20 people at your age.

  • I think the question you need to ask yourself is why does this bother you?

    Is it because you see it as having no self control? Do you feel like you're another notch on her bedpost? Are you worried she will cheat if she gets bored with her sex life with you?

    Maybe once you can pinpoint the reason that it bothers you, you'll be able to assess the situation better and maybe talk to her about your concerns.

What Guys Said 3

  • Honestly, that would scare me off. It would be very difficult for me to have respect for a girl like that. I am a virgin and that is what I prefer in a girl. I believe in having some self control and not just doing what feels good all the time. I am probably in the minority with that thinking, however.

    • That is so true, I wouldn't want my past to affect my future. :)

  • who cares.

    it's just a number.

    i've slept with 16 and I'm 21.

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