Why do guys like brunettes better than blonds?

almost every guy I talk to says he prefers brunettes!

it's insulting!

what is it that makes guy not like us fair haired ladies?


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  • It depends on the girl really, some girls look better as a blond other girls look better as brunettes, and very few girls in my opinion look good as red heads. but if you take each one of those girls and give them a different hair color, they probably won't look as good as their natural hair colors. I hate the blondes that are only blond because they dye their hair. When a lot of them actually look better as brunettes. What I have notices is in the 90's it was all about the blondes now here in the 2000s its all about the brunettes... for all we know it could be a different hair color by the end of the next upcoming decade.


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  • I'm a guy, and I don't prefer either. Black hair for me, anyday.

  • All guys like something different. My girlfriend is blonde and I love her hair!

    Dont take one guys opinion as speaking for EVERY guy.

  • Honestly from what I know, guys like blonds a lot more. I like all hair colours.

  • I just don't like those typical blondes that are air-headed and fake bake until they have orange skin.

  • Like Ouple below said, ultimately its just an opinion and like any fad, this one also is bound to change. Its like saying why most people prefer tanned skin over untanned white skin. (jessica alba Vs Gwyneth Paltrow, renee zellweger). An explanation might be that darker skin "looks" healthier / more glowing.

    Maybe same is true with the black hair. Many times blonde hair look dry and unhealthy. I too prefer brunettes, but mostly because most of the people can pull that look off.

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  • I'm a brunette, and I keep coming across guys who prefer redheads.

    I hope redheads keep coming across guys who prefer blondes. At least then, we would all feel...less preferred? There's justice at its finest.

  • And I always thought "gentlemen prefer blondes"... =P

  • I went brunette and I really don't look good that way and I'm not a stupid dumb blonde and I don't care what people think of me because I like my hair this way.

  • i thoguht they prefer blondes?

  • I think many guys like bruntette because blondes have a bad reputation of being 'easy' and unitntelligent. So if a guy admits he likes blondes it reflects badly on him, that he likes women who display those traits.