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Does she like me? or am I being creepy/obsessive?!

Girls! Help out me please :) So I can stop being creepy if that's what I'm doing! So there's this girl I met through mutual friends in college. We... Show More

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  • You have not made it CLEAR to her that you are interested. You just sent out mixed, conflicting signals. "I love staring at you" but "I will not pursue you." The message this sends? I find you attractive enough to look at, but not interesting enough to pursue. This 'guy' friend may be there for a number of reasons! It's not you place to 'overanalyze' the reasons for his presence. Stop waiting until hell freezes over...and pursue this woman ALREADY!

    • So how would I pursue her? I only see her in that class and it's not like I'm sitting with her. and I don't think its good if I ask her out for coffee/food right in front of everyone (my group of friends etc).... I mean if she isn't interested it's going to make things very awkward since we are all mutual friends .

      and same with asking for her number, it will be weird if I ask for it in front of everyone!

      help !!

  • ive been there done that! I used to kinda 'use' this guyfriend in order to make my crush (his bud) jealous a little, I wouldn't heavily flirt or anything but id just be friendly, and my crush would interrupt conversations, ask about me, wanted to know me better, carry my books, and yea it worked! lol

    id say she does like you and this new guy dude is an excuse to be closer to you...

    eye contact is not creepy, just do it for 3-4 seconds and then turn away shyly when she looks at you, don't gawk her for long periods of time lol...she might think she has a pimple on her nose or something...just ask her about her life, get her number, forget fb its a piece of sh*t...and call her sometime or start out by texting her asking about class (excuse to talk to her) or something, that alwys works!


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