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Does she like me?

I am shy and there is this girl I really like. She always catches me staring at her and often smiles. Does she know I like her or does she think I am... Show More

I don't know if she likes me or is trying to be polite.

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  • A word of advice here. If you are shy, you aren't going to stand much of a chance. It's just a fact. And if you give it any thought, why should a girl living on a planet with 6 billion other people be expected to wait around for you to muster up the courage to say something when someone else can just walk right up to her and do it? You have to work on your confidence. Women aren't psychic, there's no way she's going to know if you like her if you don't show her or tell her. If you are thinking she might think you are weird, then you are overthinking the situation. Instead of doubting yourself and guessing what she thinks (which, by the way, IS weird), go right up to her and find out. You can pay her a compliment next time you see her to plant the idea in her mind that you are interested in her in some way. Be confident when you say it, say something about what she's wearing or something about the way she looks or something about her personality you like. Something positive, naturally. Then go about your day like nothing happened and see how she feels about it. Just don't procrastinate, the early bird gets the worm. You have nothing to lose. The worse that can happen is she doesn't feel the same way, and if that's the case it's better to know sooner so you can find someone else. It's not the end of the world, you have 6 billion options too no matter what happens, so it's good news all around.

    • More vitriol disguised as 'advice.'

What Girls Said 24

  • I can guarantee you that she at least knows that you like her. If she's smiling back, then there is a chance she feels the same way. If I guy I had no interest in was staring at me, I'd be creeped out and probably make a disgusted face at him, but if I liked the guy, I'd smile back.

  • She probably knows that you like her, and if she smiles back then there's a good chace that she likes you too- I say, approach her, say 'Hi' start a conversation and see what happens. xxxxx

  • girls don't smile at guys who are weird... and that never changes...

  • go for it :D usually if the girl thinks your creepy she usually doesn't smile back, but if she does there might be something there, good luck!

  • If she smiled no she doesn't think that you are weird. If you really want to know if she is interested you should try talking to her more often. Though a simple hi is most likely beneficial for you at this time. Good Luck!

  • You're really not going to know what she is thinking unless you talk to her. I don't mean confess your feelings straight up but just have a general conversation. Leave some hints like compliment her on how she looks today or how well she did in a subject. I know you are shy but you can't really tell if a girl likes you from just a smile. I think she finds it flattering that you stare at her. I suggest just start by saying hi :)

  • Every girl like attention. But not the stalker type- so if you don't talk to her soon, its gonna be weird. I think she knows though.

  • She definitely likes you! (:

  • well I think she knows you like her if she always catch you staring at her and I think she could be interested in you so you should go and talk to her

  • That's cute! : ) ...Sorry. Anyway, if I was the girl, then it would mean I liked you. It depends what kind of smile. If it's a genuine, happy smile, then she probably likes you. If it's a half-smile, and it only last for less than a second or so, then she probably doesn't like you. Do you smile at her? If you don't, then do. Maybe try and possibly say hi to her, or talk to her, or sit next to her, or something. I'd say she knows you like her, to me, it's kind of obvious if you're looking at her all the time. I don't know if she thinks you're weird, I don't know what you're like, so I couldn't tell.

    • She probably likes you because if she knows you are staring at her and looks back and smile it is probable that she likes you you also need to do this: if you see that when she smiles she turns back and kind of blushes its even more probable that se likes you good luck! ;)

  • do you guys talk at all? if anything try gettiing her # and hanging out with her.. good luck :)

  • Obviously you don't have that much information to depict the answer to this question, from this little info given I can only depict that she is trying to be polite, because its just a smile, and smiles are free.

  • more than likely she thinks you're adorable. there is nothing more complimentary than catching a guy staring at you, unless he's a total creep about it

  • Have you talked to her often? If she smiles, it could mean she's trying to be nice or kind of likes you. Talk to her more often then you''ll probably know how she feels about you eventually. Good luck!

  • This might mean she likes you. A flirting tehnique for a girl to get a guy to notice her is to smile at him breifly when you make eye contact. Guys, obviously, don't get the hint sometimes. (:

  • she likes you, say something, its never funn to know a guy like syou and wonder why he does not do more than stare. GO FOR IT you have nothing to lose :D

  • i think she likes u

    but you have to go talk to her...

    that way you know what's on her mind/

    girls like it when you give them compliments so give her a compliment

  • well what kind of a smile is it? is it a big smile? or is it a small smile stating that she sees you? if its a big smile then she probly likes you.

  • well I know a guy that does that to me stares a lot I smile at him like she does to you, I really like him and would love for him to approach me but the problem is because he only kind of stares at times and sometimes doesn't even look at me, In my eye's I think he may like me but if he does not enough to want to do anything about it or date me hope this helps :)

  • She won't think your weired at all, have you ever though that if she catches you looking at her, she must be looking at you.

    I hope you've been smiling back at this girl, because if she likes you and you don't smile at her she might think you dont.

    Let me let you into a secret I'm in a similar situation and the boy I like when I look he just puts his head down, family who work with him say he's shy but I just wish he'd just smile at me. never mind talk to me.

    So next time you see her, smile at her. + I know you said your shy but after a while maybe say hi, but if your nervouse say hi as if your in rush to do something or get somewhere so you won't get embarrased or anything. Belive me please just let the girl know.

    hope this helps x

  • if she catches you looking, she was looking back ;)

  • Staring is aggressive, rude and creepy. Learn some manners, she is being polite. How would you feel if someone did that to you? How do you know whether she likes you or not if you don't ask her? Being shy is no excuse but I understand you find it difficult.

  • dont be shy! find a way to start a conversation with her :)

What Guys Said 5

  • She likes you and wishes you would SAY SOMETHING. I think she posted here a couple of days ago. No, but really, if she is smiling back, she is inviting you to be brave enough to come talk. Do it.

    Good Luck,


  • She probably thinks you're cute. If she didn't like you, she wouldn't be smiling back at you. Go ahead and approach her and say hi. If you share the same lunch period, sit down and talk with her. Don't let your shyness get in your way, okay :)

  • She Likes You! Apparently When She Catches You Staring she is trying to hold the stare DONT BE THE ONE THAT TURNS AWAY FIRST... GO FOR IT!

  • umm I would think she probably know that you are intrested in her..if I were you I would go up to her and talk to her ask her how she is doin? depending on her reactions to that if she laughs or giggles that means she really not intrested if she smiles or laughs and sasy good then ask her on a date. GOODLUCK!

  • That sounds like she may know you like her and she probably does like you. id make a move! set lazers to stun =] good luck!

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