Why do guys fall for whores?

theres a girl that I know. she does anything with a d*** and guys are all over her. why?


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  • "guys" is a very generic term, please use a more specified term like "the guys that are all over her"

    Anyways, the guys that are all over her- are probably interested in being fulfilled physically and sexually. Your friend that has experience in this area is probably more than what these guys can have, and she is openly flirting with other men. I don't know why they would be interested in that type of girl other than fulfilling their own needs.

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  • Pure and simple. She puts out.

    You apparently don't. Please keep it that way.

    You have and maintain integrity.

    You have self-respect and I daresay, the respect of others.

    The guys who are 'all over her' aren't worth the time of day.


  • I believe you answered your own question - the guys you speak of are purely after sex, and see that she's down with that...end of story.

  • They don't fall for whores, they are just attracted to them more because they're usually more feminine and more confident.

  • She's easy, a lot of guys don't like to wait, and pounce on a girl who'll give it up easier then a female whose waiting. Its nature and when males are in heat we scatter to the female that's in heat and will give it up. I agree its worth the wait because you don't know where many females have been

  • because they can get with her..all they want is sex..those guys are usually shallow or immature or both don't bother with them

  • My wife is a whore and I get so turned on by it. I do not understand it at all. I am so in love with her too and she adores me but she likes to have sex with other guys and I let her do it because it makes me so horny and makes our sex life so erotic. She has basically about 10-15 lovers at any one time, from the gym, work, super market, etc. I wish I knew the answer myself but I don't. I went out with plenty of "good girl" types but always fell for the girls that would have sex with anyone. That is exactly what my wife is like. I was so happy when she told me all the other guys were just cocks to her and she loved me. I will never forget the very first time I saw her with another guy, then two guys and then three and then she was doing gang bangs in front of me while I watched. Then we make love afterwords. It is so awesome.

  • Most whores make the mistake of not becoming like the good man they truly love. They love the good in the man, but do not love the same good in themselves. Mary Magdalene had changed herself after she was saved from being stone to death.

  • Cause sadly that's just what a lot of us want. Personally I don't go for that type.

  • They just want some easy action probably. Don't worry both that girl and those guys are going to amount to nothing in life... Find a nicer guy they don't tend to do that.


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  • They are all over her like trying to date her and make her their girlfriend? Or do you mean, they are just trying to have sex with her? I think you mean the later. And, I say, who cares? Is that what you want, a bunch of guys to lust after you and then ditch you?

  • they don't fall for them, they just use them for sex, nothing deeper. girls like that aren't relationship material.

  • Guys don't fall for whores, they have sex with them. There's a huge difference.

  • They don't fall for them trust me they date them just to get sex out of them for a while but when they are ready to get married they marry nice girls not sluts like many date in high school. lol

  • Because all guys want sex and she gives it?

  • She is a good time girl, easy no challenge. Like fast food. Real men are looking for a woman who is not only physically attractive. They look for the whole package, brains, personality, someone who is grounded, proud to bring home to momma. Now that's a challenge and a 5 course meal.

  • Because they legs like butter, spread easily...girls like that rarely find men who want to be in a relationship with them they all just want the benefits of her lose ways! She's probably very insecure and does all of this for the attention she craves from else where and maybe this is the next best thing for her?

  • A lot of guys like sex, and she gives it up easy. It's usually not for a dating thing, just sex.