Is my Ex-Girlfriend Bipolar?

Okay this really weird to ask, but I am looking for help. My girlfriend of a few months has dumped me for the second time in two weeks. Throughout the relationship, she showed possible signs of being bipolar...extreme mood swings, depression, loss of energy, headaches, body aches, uncontrollable crying, the need for a lot of sleep...more of the depressives side than manic. She also has stated on a few occasions she needs time alone to think about things. The first time she dumped me I was drunk and being rude to her so that was the catalyst that stressed her and might have depressed her. She was also telling me that I was smothering her and that she needs to be a very independent person. She was pushing me away. She came back to me a few days later with all this love and I miss you's. The next few weeks she was proclaiming her love for me basically...bragging to her friends about me, making long-term plans with me, saying I am amazing, calling me, etc. Then after a weekend getaway she proclaims that this relationship isn't working, she can't pretend to be happy anymore, she doesn't have feelings for me, and she isn't attracted to me anymore. The day before this breakup was a really good day for us too. We had a lot of fun on our weekend getaway. This last breakup was sudden and I am just confused. Is she bipolar? I heard an unconfirmed rumor that she was in therapy during high school a few years back and that they did diagnose her with bipolar.


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  • If she was bipolar, she would also have frequent mood swings throughout hours, not just changing her mood over days. When she is happy, is she EXTREMELY elevated, almost to the point of restlessness? And after a few hours, does she plummet to the lowest of the low?

    You should really suggest for her to seek help, but NOT during a fight or something, make sure it's when you two are relaxed or holding each other or something.

    When she gets on medication, she should be x1000 better, honestly.

    If she already IS on medication, then she may need to switch the type she's using, or, and probably more likely, she needs to see a therapist to talk about her life, since her problem may not even be so much due to the chemicals in her brain. (This is IF she is already on meds.)

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      Hahah well she broke up with me already, but thanks for the answer. I guess the question is do I want to be with her again.

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      Mood swings within days is supposed to be something similar to bipolar but not. Bipolar in particular is mood swings usually over weeks or months, though sometimes over days. I'm sure it's something else when it changes by the hour. Not that it makes it any better, just saying.