How to get a man to leave his girlfriend?

I been talking to this guy for 1 year and a half and we been having sex and we will stop talking for months at a time but he has a girlfriend but he keeps coming back to me. So I want him to myself and not her


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  • Wow really tough situation to be in ms. I mean he likes you enough to be with you for sex, but at the same time he goes back with his girlfriend. You said it yourself he goes back and forth to you, that's not really good. You have grown interest in him so much that you really do want to be with him in the long run right? But at the same time he knows that he has his girlfriend and they have been together and are still together. Beware ms, if I did not know better I would tell you that he's using you for one thing and his girlfriend for another. Open both eyes and not just one, before you really get hurt real bad. If your interested keep me in form I'll be right here, take care.


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  • It'd probably be easier to get the girl to leave her guy, just tell her what you've been doing with him. Make sure to have some sort of proof.

  • You're under 18... and not very bright I might add. Any guy who's lucky enough to get laid by more than one girl isn't going to settle for less. Suppose his girlfriend wants him to herself... yeah right.. He's having too much fun, and by too much I probably mean illegal. The problem here is that you want him to yourself but you have NO say in the matter. It's like telling someone they have too much money and they should give most of it away. It's NOT going to happen.

  • He's not going to leave her for you, sorry.

  • probably you'r not gonna like this. but drop him off you'r list and move to someone better.


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  • So basically you want a guy who cheats on his gf? Don't you see that he doesn't like you for anything other than sex? He's using you. Get some self respect!

  • Sadly, it doesn't sound like he's the kind of guy who is worth it. If he wanted to be with you, he would have left his girlfriend already.

    Even if there was a way to get what you wanted here, he's cheating *with* you and will quite possibly therefore cheat *on* you.

  • her actually likes her, you're just a friend with benefits. You don't have enough lee-way to make him leave his lady. You can make an ultimatum that says he has to leave her if he wants to continue things with you, that's the only way. Otherwise, it's never gonna change.

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