Is it BAD if a guy asks for YOUR number instead of giving you HIS?

If a guy REALLY likes you, he would give you HIS number cause he wants you to call - right?

& If he does NOT it is cause he is worried you will call & BOTHER him..

Well that is WHY I would not want to give anyone my number - guy or girl. So I naturally assume it is the same for a guy.

I see what everyone is saying, & I SUPPOSE that it would be rather confusing if two people ha numbers with no plan, cause you never know if the other person is NOT CALLING or just WAITING FOR YOU lol

The thing IS is that when we met,
we EXCHANGED numbers... & he ASKED me to call him BEFORE he called me ( actually when he DID call there was DISASTER with my room mates & he did not call back after that incident)

NOw he asked for my number. & I said :
" OR, I could call YOU "

He said :

" No - no , I'll call YOU "

So maybe he does not want me to call him? .. Tho the one difference, is he has a bunch of roommates now, lat time he lived a lone - Maybe THAT is it.

I Hope ^ ^


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  • No, it's because he is worried he'll give you his number and you'll never call him. Plus, it's usually up to the guy to initiate, so what appears more confident to women and shows attraction? Asking for their number, which takes some courage and shows that you like them and would like to call them, or giving your number to some girl and just sitting back and hoping she calls you one day? I hope the guy you REALLY like doesn't come along one day and ask for your number, because I guess you aren't going to give it to him, right? :)

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      No. lol

      He DID ask for my number.

      I said:

      " OR I guess I could call you"

      He said :

      "No no no- give me YOUR number "

      I WONDER if he was worried about me calling him*

      Tho for sure, I think it would suck for BOTH to have the others number, cause it would be too confusing - too ambiguous^

      However, I see no reason it should be up to the GUY.

      It NEVER was appropriate, but especially not NOW-

      Seriously,in the army, lawyers,doctors,scientists etc

      ^ I THINK they can handle calling a guy :-)

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      Yeah, but you can handle taking half my stuff when you're done with me. Rules of convenience. Anyway, he probably wanted YOUR number because he figured you were asking for his so that you could just forget about him and wouldn't have to call him OR worry about him calling you since you didn't like him.

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      I don't TAKE anything from ANYONE, girl guys or monkeys.. & I am VERY carful about not feeling beholden to anyone, so I like to keep things in the balance.

      I do not understand where all this ' girls take money from guys thing comes from.

      I though guys paying was totally old fashioned, I am SHOCKED about how much hear about it.

      I never let anyone PAY for me.

      Men on average make more than woman, for the same JOB, same dollar.

      I don't DO THIS but -Maybe it's thought of as compensation?