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I want my girlfriend back. I love her so much. What should I do?

To make a very long story short my girlfriend and I were together for almost 3 yrs. We lived together for 2. We were always happy, we had small... Show More

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  • It sounds like you both are extremely stressed out. The money stress is the big one. Money is the main thing causing problems in all realtionships it seems these days. I think that maybe realizing she would be out in the "real world" maybe freaked her out a bit. Thinking about future bills, taxes on things, and all of the expenses were probably hitting her and cause her to panic a bit. Not to mention the cost of kids, if you guys decided to have them.Her grandmother having surgery definiteyly had a huge impact on it all-together.I think a little break may be needed for both of you to recooperate efficiently with as least stress possible. Maybe in a week or two, text or call asking to go to lunch, get a coffee, some ice cream, or go to dinner together to talk things over. Then you can see where you stand, and both of you can get your feelings out in the open to decide where to go from there.

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  • you guys got to talk about the fighting part and why you guys are fighting. it sounds like she's in a very stressful situation, although it's not right for her to take it out on you, she should definitely seek counselling or a different outlet to take her frustration out on . I think you guys should meet up and talk about it. After you think things have settled down a bit you'll be alright

  • I know how you feel bud, just let her have her space though. Other wise it will make things worse. Just hang in there and she will figure out what is going on and take you back, it will be ok, love just doesn't die that fast. Keep your head up.

  • send her roses and tell her to give you a second chance and that you two should go out for dinner and talk things threw.

  • Ask her straight out what she wants to happen in the relationship and if she needs time, so be it.

  • what are you waiting for, you only live oncelove dosnt wait for no oneeif I were you, I would tell her how you still feelbelieve me you will regret it, what have you got to loosei wish you the bestest luck in the world :)

  • I think you need to evaluate the whole situation. It takes two for a relationship to work. Did you cheat?

    • Never cheated... Never needed too. She's everything I ant

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  • You plainly don't deserve her, so just go through the bothersome process of getting past her. Which mostly involves getting past yourself.

  • I would walk away.. your not going to help matters by getting at each other, walk away and in time you will start to feel better... I'm sorry to say there isn't a magic pill for this kinda situation you just gotta ride the pain out, but trust me you can ride it out..

  • Stop focusing on getting her back and start focusing on getting on with your life. Seriously, I know it sounds backwards, but you should know by now that that's how most things in life really work. If there's any chance that she'll "see the light" and be interested again, it'll be because of what happens next.Here are some of my thoughts:*This is about HERKeep in mind that this is about HER and not YOU right now. So, anything about YOU (how you're hurt, how you messed up, how you want her back ETC.) will only push her further away. If you really like her, you should want her to be happy even if that means NOT being in a serious relationship with you. Put your neediness (and ego) aside and focus on her being happy.*Agree with herSo, if she says, "This isn't working. I think we should be friends." You say, "You're right. That's a great idea." I know that you're programming tells you that you must convince her that she's wrong about you, but that doesn't work and is probably one of the main reasons (I'm right and you're wrong) that she doesn't like you IN THAT WAY any longer. If you say, "But I'll change." "I can be better." "Maybe it's because I need to do more of_________ or___________." This is also something she doesn't like about you (pressure and neediness) and you're digging yourself an even bigger hole by doing MORE OF IT.Agreeing also shows that you're actually LISTENING to what she's trying to tell you. Yet, another reason that she probably broke up with you in the first place (she didn't feel LISTENED to).*Give her SPACE and TIME TO THINK!Instead of reminding her about how being with you is great (by hanging out together), show her what's it's like to be WITHOUT you.Limit the time you spend with her by being cordial if you have to see her attempts at spending time with her. She knows what you're thinking while the two of you are together and it's not helping your cause.The longer you force her to focus on YOU, the longer it will take her to decide if she's made the right decision in NOT being with you (in a serious relationship) right now. And, like most things YOU want but can't have; once you have them you're not as excited as when you DON'T have them...because, usually, it's more about the fact that you CAN get her back than actually HAVING HER BACK.*Start seeing other women IMMEDIATELY!You may think that you'll ruin your chances and that she'll think you don't care and don't need her, when she finds out. But look at it this way; has her knowing that you DO care and DO need her worked in getting her back so far?She'll respect you much more (and find you more attractive) if she knows that you're smart enough to realize that the two of you might not be right for each other and that you're confident enough to dust yourself off when something doesn't work and move on with your life. She just might be interested in a guy like THAT!

    • I disagree with this 100%this isn't how you handle a relationship.Fail

    • That's funny, last time I did this my girlfriend came back to me, really bad

  • hey man,...I think you shouldn't contact her at all. Like you said, it its making things worse. I know its easier said than done since you you love her, but trust me you gotta try hard with all ur might. This no contact period will give both you time to reflect and better process the situation. In the end, it'll be worth, no matter how everything turns out.

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