I want my girlfriend back. I love her so much. What should I do?

To make a very long story short my girlfriend and I were together for almost 3 yrs. We lived together for 2. We were always happy, we had small fights about little things but no major fights. Like normal. She was very much in love with me telling me that she has never felt love like this b4. I too love her more than life itself. Almost from the beginning we started to plan our life together both knowing that we were going to be married and grow old together. She always encouraged us to look at engagement rings an I usually agreed and about Nov o last year I began to pay on one. She knew. She picked it out.( that's the way she wanted it because she's very picky.) anyway she would always practice signing your name with my last name, we had already named our kids and all the fairy tale stuff like that. I laughed at any fact that we would ever break up because it didn't seem possible. Well about January she started to grt a little different. See we were in the process of buying a house together out of wedlock( crazy I know, but that's how sure we were). She started getting depressed about money and she was working all the time it seems. I tried to be very helpful as I was also working all the time and am also a premed student. Ah became less affectionate and began just sitting and watching TV all the time. Never active except work. Which I understand. About a month later her mammaw underwent heart surgery and that was very tragic for her. Everything went fine with the surgery but it caused her more stress. I was there for her. But a few days later she said she didn't know about us anymore, sh was Adria to commit to one person and she is just so confused. Obviously this threw me off and I got really saddened. A few weeks passed by and finally she said she needed space. I was devastated. I understood from the beginning but just thought it was a phase from all the stress. But I really don't

know. She moved back in with her mom and we didn't speak for a fee days. Then

I started to contact her our of panic and I think it made it worse as then she actually ended our relationship. I continued to try and great closure for about a week. She wouldn't give it to me. I understand I

messed up by not leaving her alone. I am

now. I love her more than anything and she is worth the wait. I know she still loves me and she had that love that doesn't fade away. Trust me.

Other info

I'm 24 she's 22 almost 23.

It's been a week since I've talked to her last . I'm doing a lot to keep her off my mind but it's really hard. This is all really hard for me, as I know it can be. I really do want is best for her because I love her. I wish I didn't panic after the breakup but hopefully she will understand

one day.

Thanks for any advice I'm desperate


Most Helpful Girl

  • It sounds like you both are extremely stressed out. The money stress is the big one. Money is the main thing causing problems in all realtionships it seems these days. I think that maybe realizing she would be out in the "real world" maybe freaked her out a bit. Thinking about future bills, taxes on things, and all of the expenses were probably hitting her and cause her to panic a bit. Not to mention the cost of kids, if you guys decided to have them.

    Her grandmother having surgery definiteyly had a huge impact on it all-together.

    I think a little break may be needed for both of you to recooperate efficiently with as least stress possible. Maybe in a week or two, text or call asking to go to lunch, get a coffee, some ice cream, or go to dinner together to talk things over. Then you can see where you stand, and both of you can get your feelings out in the open to decide where to go from there.