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What do you guys think about this swimsuit?

link If you saw a girl wearing this swimsuit would you think it was sexy? or not too sexy? or okay? Thanks.

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  • It's tame by modern standards...Although is it just for show or would you actually swim in it?I judge women's suits by how they look wet, actually!

    • >> I judge women's suits by how they look wet, actually!+1.

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  • I personally love retro-looking suits like that, so I'd probably be jealous! To me, they look sophisticated and sexy. I wish I could find a one-piece like that.

  • Meh. Less is always more in swimsuits. Expensive as sh*t, too.

  • Honey... no. The pink one isn't as bad though; it kind of has a younger, more vibrant look.

  • I love retro looking swim suits. I have one from Victoria's Secret which I think is a little less controversial. I do like the one you show, but I know that some people won't go for it.You should check out Victoria's Secret- they have lots of very cute suits, many that offer more coverage but give off a sexier vibe than that one.

  • one word: ewww

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