Girls p*ss me off. Why do they always call me "cute," "sweet," adorable," and say "awww" at everything I say?

Why do girls always say me or something I say is "cute," "sweet," adorable," and say "awww" at everything I say? It really gets my blood boiling. I want to take a chainsaw to the face of every stupid little patronizing bitch who says I'm "adorable." Would that be cute?! F*ck I hate females.

Okay sorry for venting, but I'm p*ssed off. Why do girls always do this sh*t?

So, nobody knows? Are you sh*tting me?


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  • FINALLY! I always wondered why guys put up with this. I mean I've done it on occasion, but I seriously believe that those are the only words in some girls' vocabularies.

    • Lol. It definitely seems that way :P

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  • what types of things are you making them say awww? if ur saying something like "i have the flu" and they are still saying that's cute then maybe you need to find new girls to hang out with. lol

    • I don't hang out with them. They sit by me in class, and it's every single class every single year. Girls are one of the main reasons I hate school.

  • At least they're not calling you "ugly" or "stupid"


    • I'd prefer that actually. I hate being patronized.

  • Aaaaww Gosh you're so adorable with your cute little sweet rant. How darling. xD

    Must be what you're saying to them, though. If nothing "aawww" worthy; then they're delusional little ****s. Nuff said.

    • Lol. This seriously made me laugh. Nope. Nothing "Awww" worthy being said by me.

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    • Nah, they're physically not bad looking, and I don't lie. I have insulted their intelligence in a way that was as respectful as possible, but I think they were too stupid to even understand. :(

      I don't disrespect girls. I hate them, but that's no excuse to be disrespectful.

    • Lol; guess you're stuck with them "aawwwww, you're so cuuuute" at you. xD good luck bro.

  • u sound like an asshole... and that's cute lol.. well sometimes.

    and they are probably flirtin, I looked at your pics and NO OFFENSE but ur a little cutie

    u look like my buddie conner

    • Yes I am an asshole. No it's not cute. No they're not flirting. No, I'm not cute. Goddammit.

  • are you a little guy by chance? maybe you have the face of pure innocense...making them feel that you can do no wrong. maybe your looks are in some way decieving.

  • don't you think you're overreacting

  • First off put the chainsaw down I'm not gonna call you 'cute'. They could do that because they know it makes you p*ssed. Also you may not realize it but some things you say could make you seem cute or sweet. (but from what iv read I don't think you are.)

    • Exactly.They musty be retarded or something.

  • It's a compliment.

  • Because they can. XD

    • Obviously they can, but that's not why they do it.

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  • "I want to take a chainsaw to the face of every stupid little patronizing bitch who says I'm "adorable.""

    and yet people like this get laid...

    • Who said I get laid? You're misinformed.

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    • There are girls that are actually attracted to misogynists? that's odd... really really odd. probably not the types of girls I would want to invite over for a sleepover. haha! they could b calling you worse dude.

    • Girls are only attracted to fake ones though. Legitimate ones weird them out.

  • ROFL, your lucky you don't live in japan bro

    • Why?

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    • I just had a look at your profile... maybe you shouldn't take pictures with kittens like that!

    • What does that have to do with anything? The kitten is cute, not me.

  • Soak your face in hydrochloric acid. It'll be metal as f*** and you'll never have to worry about women calling you cute ever again.

  • I don't see the problem?

    • I don't want them talking sh*t to me, and want to know why they do it so I can get them to quit it.

  • just throwing this out there, it could be used as an insult. I'm assuming you dress fully in metal clothes. like shirts, chains, patches on whatever. so when you say something nice they don't expect it or when you say you want to kill things they might be using sarcasm... happens to my friend

    • Not really. I only have 4 metal band T shirts. Most of my shirts are plain. It IS an insult when they call me "cute" etc.

  • are you sayinng nice things around these girls or to them?

    • No. I'll just say any random thing and get an "awwww." I'm actually a really mean person.

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    • O yea they are deff fu**ing with you man, probly try ur best to stay away from them are bang 1

    • It's kind of hard when, for some reason, in every single class I have to sit next to a bunch of stupid girls. Not only that but the girls I used to consider friends bug the sh*t out of me, and I can't just up and stop talking to them as much as I'd like to do that.