Girls p*ss me off. Why do they always call me "cute," "sweet," adorable," and say "awww" at everything I say?

Why do girls always say me or something I say is "cute," "sweet," adorable," and say "awww" at everything I say? It really gets my blood boiling. I want to take a chainsaw to the face of every stupid little patronizing bitch who says I'm "adorable." Would that be cute?! F*ck I hate females.

Okay sorry for venting, but I'm p*ssed off. Why do girls always do this sh*t?

So, nobody knows? Are you sh*tting me?


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  • FINALLY! I always wondered why guys put up with this. I mean I've done it on occasion, but I seriously believe that those are the only words in some girls' vocabularies.

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      Lol. It definitely seems that way :P