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I'm a quiet, serious deep thinker type (when I'm not partying) am I screwed with women?

I'm more of an intellectual type guy...a deep thinker. I try being funny, but I'm my humor is pretty dry. Yes I know girls DON'T like serious guys,... Show More

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  • Ok lets get one thing straight what attracts one girl is very different to what attracts another ...otherwise the whole female population would be fighting over Brad Pitt :)Yes girls often put humour at the top of their wish list but again what's humorous to one girl is not to another - maybe some women want a full on stand up routine when they are with their guy - I don't. But I do wnat to feel warm and relaxed in his company and most couples achieve that by sharing humour - giggling over that weird guy in the cinema or the funny tv show thye just watched...it doesn't mean you are there to entertain your girlfriend .There are plenty of women who will find your personality totally compatible with their own and indeed deeply attractive. It's rather patronising to suggest we all need entertaining - some "high maintainance" girls may need their man to do that but most of us are happy to be in an equal loving partnership...give us a chance you may be pleasantly surprised...even amused :)

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  • I like serious intellectual guys. But.. I don't like guys who party too much.There are girls out there who like serious guys, no worries.

  • Trust me you will find someone. It's true that some girls look for humor, but they're are girls who look for serious guys. If a girl is looking to you to be the main source of entertainment in their life, they either: A have no life or B are to clingy (just my opinion) I hope you find the right person for you :)

  • NO you are not screwed. A lot of girls like the serious type guy. Maybe you'll find a funny girl that will balance it out :)

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