Is it more masculine to hook up with lots of girls?

Just sex with no commitment, I mean.

Does it make a guy more masculine to be into no-strings-attached sex with as many girls as possible? Is it wuss-like to rather be seriously dating one girl before having sex?

I mean, I'm a guy, I have my impulses, don't get me wrong--but I would much rather be in a real relationship, with a cute nice girl, who I know loves me.


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  • Not at all.

    I see a lot of guys my age that are with one girl one day, then the next the next day ... in short, they change them more often than underwear. This sort of behavior is a turn-off for MOST girls (at least the decent ones). Not only will they have no trust for you, but you will seem insecure, flimsy, undecisive and superficial. Well, that, my friend, is the exact opposite of being masculine.

    I also see several guys who are in good, stable relationship and act well towards their girlfriend. They're protective of them, seem happy and loving. They have also decided on ONE girl, which makes me think they must have strong and determined characters, and definitely know what they want. Such guys I see as far more masculine.

    The myth that men who hook up with a lot of women are "studs" might have been true once. But it looks pretty idiotic these days - this is also true for women who go and sleep with a new guy every day.

    It says a lot about the person ... and it isn't good things.

    So if you want to be in a serious, long-lasting relationship, go for it. :) Most girls would feel respect for a guy like you.


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  • oh good lord. please don't do that. I don't date guys I've known have hooked up with anything that has 2 legs and walks. it's unhygenic and it shows how emotionally detached he is from having sex that I wouldn't want him and I'd probably tell him to get checked, no offense.

  • I don't think so at all. To me, a real man is someone who isn't afraid of expressing himself to a girl, someone who isn't fearful of being loyal, someone capable of having an actual lasting relationship. It takes a lot more strength and intelligence to do any of these things than to simply have sex with anything that moves. Masculinity is defined by strength, not weakness.

  • It depends. If you want to be popular among your guy friends I guess hooking up with every girl you see would do that, but girls talk to each other and eventually no girl will be willing to get with you because they know your just going to use them. But I guess this all depends on the size of the place you live and whether you are happy never having anything serious with a girl.

    • Well...i live in one of the biggest cities in the world, I'd never be happy with just casual relationships.

  • I wouldn't say masculine...but I prefer a guy with lots of experience with sex! sex is important in arelationship so the more you know and the more practice you have had...makes me a happier woman. I feel being in a real relationship is way better than just lots of no-strings-attached sex but sometimes that's just what you need. Many women are turned off by telling them how many women you have been with, because we then feel like just another fling. So be cautious telling women you have had lots of flings, we want to think you are just that GREAT at sex naturally! LOL!

  • no guys that are like that are man whores, guys that say no gives risks and makes the girl respect you more.

    • Guys that say no to what?

  • okay, honestly, coming from a girl, I wouldn't want to think I have it good with you and that our relationship is actually going somewhere. Most girls don't want to be with a random guy for only ONE night... Girls don't want to be your little toy, so I say find a nice, cute girl that you can trust and that will trust you with being faithful. And it makes you look like a player if you have as many girls as possible and that can be a MAJOR turnoff to the girls that you would really be interested in. So I say get in a serious, healthy relationship that you would enjoy. Hope that helped!

    • Yes it did, thanks : ) It's just that so many girls...even the ones you wouldn't think...routinely go for the players, man-whores and jerks

  • I guess it depends on your definition of 'masculine'.

    If 'masculine' to you is being impulsive and not thinking ahead or considering the consequences of your actions, then sleeping around is more masculine.

    If 'masculine' means having self-control, and making decisions based on what's best in the long-run, then commitment is more masculine.

    I think you can guess which of the two I see as more masculine.

    • Thanks, excellent answer

  • Hell. No it makes you a man whore who just uses girls

    • So all guys like that 'use' girls?

    • No just because you hook up isn't bad it all depends on your actually intentions ... But since you want to know if it makes you masculine than that means your intentions are bad and that your using girls just to bust yourself up So you feel "masculine" but you don't need girls to feel or be a real guy

  • That sounds really sleazy. Why would you want to just have sex with as many girls as possible? That's stupid. And dating just one girl doesn't make a guy a wuss. @_@

    Plus, I wouldn't even consider dating a guy who's had sex with tons of girls. I couldn't even bare to touch him. Ew.

    • Yeah, I mean, most guys wouldn't want to sleep with a girl that just sleeps around with everyone.

    • Very True!

  • not masculine!

  • No. some girls like it, others don't. Just as a guy might see a girl that sleeps with a lot of guys as a hoe, some girls see guys that way too, and they might also see you as a player and they won't even bother with you.

  • Only jackasses and pricks think sleeping around with a lot girls on a regular basis is a messure of his masculinity. Men are the ones who dedicate themselves to one girl at a time. I'd much rather be with a man who wants to take care of me and love me than have a one night stand with some superficial d*** who only cares about himself.

    • OK, well if what you're saying is true, the vast majority of girls aren't like you.

    • One of a kind baby lol

  • ...Nah...It doesn't make him more masculine... It makes him a man-whore.I don't have a preference for guys who have hooked up with lots of girls in the past. In my point of view, they are weak because they succumb easily to their instincts. Masculinity is not determined on how many girls you have slept with imo.

  • I hang out with almost all guys (IMO, they bring less drama than girls) and I have more than my share of "man-sluts" in my group. I don't like it. It is up to them, but I lose respect for both the guy and the girls who know they aren't going to end up dating the guys (mostly because I'm not like that and don't understand how you could be). I don't think I'm in the place to say anything, but they do joke about it constantly around me, I don't like that either. Yes, we're friends, but I don't need to know every little detail about what went on with you and the chick you picked up at the bar last night. I wouldn't care if there were a few guys out there who slept around (someone likes the bad boys), but I would like it if there were more out there who wanted just one girl, I DO NOT want to sleep with everyone you've ever slept with, thanks.

    • Well if you're being totally honest, you're truly rare. Most girls will say this and then turn around and date ten players. I'm not accusing you of this, please understand me, but it's the truth in my limited experience--it's almost cliche among guys. But again I will give you the benefit of the doubt, and will thank you for being open-minded to guys who actually want (dare I say) a real relationship with a nice girl.

    • I am being very honest. If I'm interested in a guy and I found out he was bed hopping, he would automatically become just a friend. I understand that almost everyone has slept with someone and that's fine, but if it's a different girl every night (or like one of my good friends, not knowing which girl's house you woke up at that morning), I'm not going to want to date you.

    • OK, that's cool : ) Thanks for at least telling the truth based on your experience

  • Jerks sleep with lots of girls without commitment. If you want to become a jerk, do so. This behavior does not make you more masculine, it makes you look like a little boy who doesn't want to grow up and stick with one person.

    • I disagree. If he becomes the opposite of what you call a jerk..."a good guy" woman will be less likely to feel desires to sleep with him. Oh they will "say" they like him and this and that. But the reality is they are subconsciously castrating him and making him into one of their girlfriends. I seen too many scumbags have woman who FALL IN LOVE with them. Backwards as it is...your girls will never change this irrational/backward behavior. Play the game or be played....simple as that.

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    • Oh, I in order to win, I should date guys I am not physically attracted to. I like that you think it's moral to have sex with girls you know you from the beginning you don't give a sh*t about. Do all of these people know you're just going to hit it and quit it? I doubt it!

    • Its plain and simple "nice guys finish last" now easy way to put it is that the jerks get the quanity, while the nice guy gets the quality! becuase men fall inferior to the ferks they become impatient and start to act like the jerk to make up for what they feel they have lost. Its the choice you want quanity or quality?

  • When you are immature maybe it brings you power and superiority amongst your friends, but when you get older and your priorities are geared more towards the future and long term goals you realize there is a lot more to life and that you were wasting your time, and maybe even lost a few goods friends or potential long term girlfriends along the way. Do what makes you happy in the moment, but be cognizant of the consequences. I personally do not want to be with a guy who has slept with the whole world.

    • Thanks, I feel the same way. I missed out on friends when I was younger, so I didn't get to "brag" or do things to be popular.

  • I think it takes a real man to make a real commitment. The guys that just sleep around have nothing to loose. When your with someone you trust them with everything, which takes a lot more guts. If you just sleep around you may look good in the eyes of some shallow guys, but you'll look bad in the eyes of any girl with any depth.

    • Even the girls with depth go for shallow guys who sleep around. Even SMART INTELLIGENT PROGRESSIVE WOMEN like guys like this, I've seen it happen again and again, and NO, the fact that they go for this type of guy DOESN'T MEAN THEY'RE NOT AS SMART AS THEY SEEM. It's really starting to p*ss me off.

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    • That might be true in a few anecdotal cases but I think it's because nice guys just disgust most girls. There's no attraction, a nice guy to girls is as attractive as a wet mop. I'm sorry I'm not trying to argue with you, it just irritates me sometimes.

    • It all depends on the girl and on the guy

  • Definitely not!

  • some guys would praise you for that, but girls often look for a real commitment and no, I don't think I make souy moe masculin, I just think it makes oyu look like a jerk

    • Based on my experience, most girls aren't big on commitment

    • Then you have only met bitches in your entire life, too bad for you. start lookin' for normal girls.

  • No.

  • masculinity is not determined on how many girls you sleep with. masculinity is decided on how you treat one girl by staying loyal and true to her makes you more a man than anything else.

    • Well that's how I would prefer to think...but even "nice girls" want the jerk who sleeps around. I hate to say it, I really do...but that's all I see around me, it really is. I feel like less of a man for wanting a quality relationship with one girl at a time.

  • It's not masculine, it's slutty.

    • Well for girls it is, the guys are "studs"...

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    • It's not just me, it's society, pop culture, the media and the images they're pushing...I have a lot of respect for women, personally. The reason I'm asking the question is because most girls (and guys..we're to blame too) seem to have bought in to what society says, so they "expect" guys to sleep around...they think it's "normal", so any guy who doesn't do that is less "normal" and therefore less attractive. That's been my experience, anyway.

    • I know society thinks that, but it's still sexist.

  • I don't think its masculine to hook up with lots of girls. Masculinity to me has to do more with features than with how many girls he's been with because I'll just think he's a player.

  • Who cares what other people think. It's your sex life and body, not theirs.

  • YES if you are referring to society's stereotypical definition of the word "masculine". Men are supposed to be insensitive, crass, vulgar, loose etc. etc., according to society. If a woman does that, it's called being a 'slut'. Oooh, double standards are wonderful. lool It's slutty and disgusting for all people. It doesn't matter what's in your pants.

    • Feminism has got you believing that Men are insensitive and vulgar.

    • Untrue. Real men are amazing. I said that society dictates that they should be insensitive and vulgar. Read more carefully next time, please. Also, feminism isn't about man-bashing, contrary to (incorrect) popular belief.

    • But my problem is, most GOOD (!) girls go for men who are insensitive or vulgar, I see it all around me.

  • I think there should always be more to sex than just sex.

    In my opinion, the more girls a guy has been with, the more turned off I get.

    I don't care what a lot of guys say, who think they're players etc.

    It's just stupid.

    I really like the fact that you prefer a real relationship.

    Honesty is the biggest turn on in my opinion.

    • I'm really glad it is for you. But totally honest, I have seen many good girls, who say the very same exact thing you're saying--go straight for the player/jerk who gets into their pants, again and again. I've seen many good girls who say the same thing your saying become addicted to players. I'm not calling you a liar but perhaps I am suggesting that most girls can't seem to help themselves. I wouldn't believe this if I hadn't seen it with my own two eyes.

  • Many women find it more attractive that you prefer not to bed hop. I for one applaud the fact that you would rather be in a relationship. Speaking strictly on a basis of looking at sex. While random one night stands might be fun, sex is always better with a partner you know. (not including certain fetishes where the person is more inclined to achieve sexual satisfaction from sleeping with random strangers.)

    I do not believe a guy is more masculine or a "stud" just because they sleep with a large number of women.

    • Most nice, moral women who say they want relationships will sleep in a HEARTBEAT with a guy who knows how to talk to them and how to get into their pants. I've seen it happen with my own two eyes, it's not just some prejudice I have against women, there is an abundance of evidence. How am I to believe any girl exists who REALLY wants a relationship?

    • Perhaps you have just not found the right person for you. Each person has their own likes and dislikes including who and when they sleep with someone. Not everyone is the same.

  • Definitely not. That's disgusting and a big turn-off.

  • no if you do tht your a man whore nd you have no respect for women iz betta to stikk to one girl for as long as possible :)

    • So why do the majority of girls go for man-whores, leaving good guys out in the cold?

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    • Im not looking for players. don't say ALL GIRLS want players..not true.

    • The "players" just so happen to know how to talk to girls because they have experience. So quit whining about being a "nice guy" and start talking to women. And definitely don't become some broad's lap dog. That's not what chicks find attractive

  • IT IS NOT MORE MASCULINE TO HOOK UP WITH LOTS OF GIRLS! haha..if your guy friends are telling you this, well, look around and see if they have any girls serious about being in a relationship with them. I think that it makes you a lot stronger as a person and a male to be able to save those impulses for when you are in love with someone. Think about takes a lot more strength and control for that doesn't it. You're not a wuss, you're just a decent human being. Keep doing what you're doing.

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  • Most women assume you're being childish and selfish if all you do is chase tail trying to get laid.

    It's not necessarily a bad thing if you have a sorted past full of girlfriends... this just proves that women love you.

    But if you can't commit to just one girl that tends to be a huge Red Flag for many women.

    I'm a "relationship" guy too, and I learned that it doesn't pay to settle and if it takes hundreds of dates to find that PERFECT girl, then it's worth the risk scaring away a few random girls who don't get it.

    ~ Robby

    My Blog ( link )

  • As long as you don't get to be too much of a man-whore, and 'play the field' generally more women will be drawn to you. Like some have said already, if a girl notices other girls have been with you, especially if they are popular/attractive girls, that proves you are worth something to women and you have their approval, which will raise your social value. Don't let any girls tell you different, a guy who has been with several women is more attractive than a virgin or some guy who has had few relationships (for the most part). That is why there are players, the more girls a guy hooks up with the easier it becomes. It's part because of his personality/charm/social skills and the other part is girls seeing other girls after him.

    • Thanks, awesome and detailed explanation. I'm a shy guy and I totally lack experience, so I guess I'm a "loser" in the dating world, I get that. It's just a shame that I have to put on an act, or sleep around. I naturally want women to desire me, but it's a shame that I have to chase p*ssy up and down the block to achieve that

    • Like I said, you don't have to be man-whore, I was just trying to say that once you have dated a few girls and they at least liked you enough to date you for a bit, other girls will get wind of it and know that you have something to offer. I didn't mean you have to sleep around, as long as girls see you socializing with other girls that should help your social status.

  • That's just ridiculous, plain and simple, of course it doesn't and most girls are looking for guys who don't just want to hook up. I could do ballet dancing in a tight spandex body suit with a penis pattern on it and nobody could ever convince me that I'm not masculine,

    Seriously, look at what is masculine these days, shaved chests, manicured nails and make-up, they even have shaping clothes for guys now. Those are men? Or how about the gits who go out and get p*ssed up and passing out on the street after drooling over any poor unsuspecting girl to cross his path?

    Most of those guys can't even grow a beard, who are they to dictate what is masculine and what is not?

    Be yourself, and forget the rest.

  • No, it just means he doesn't want a relationship, just no strings pleasure.

    Nothing wrong with that as long as you don't string girls along.

    It doesn't means you are more of a man... in fact some women would argue that it makes you "Less of a Man"... I'm not into judgement... if it makes you happy DO IT, when it STOPS making you happy, STOP DOING IT.

    When you are young you should experience all kinds of things...

    When you get older you will realize that none of that is important...

    Good luck.


  • No, but when guys are with friends it definitely seems more "masculine" to say that you've hooked up with a lot of hot girls. If you're in a relationship, some guys might give you sh*t but they'll more than likely be the ones who are mostly self-centered, insecure, and obviously not in a relationship.

    As Paul Rudd said in Role Models, "Do what makes you happy".

    • A relationship would make me happy :) But all the girls overlook me.

    • With the utmost respect, you have to check yourself out. I haven't read any other comments in depth, but I skimmed through some of your comments to responses people made. What I mean is TRY to have confidence. It's easier said than done, but if you can muster up enough courage to ask out or even approach one girl, all of the others will be easier. The sooner you realize rejection is inevitable, the sooner you become more comfortable in your own skin and come into your own around women. Good luck

  • It is masculine to be emotionally and mentally mature and secure about every facet of your life and have a clear view of the goals and destiny you are trying to achieve for yourself. Having sex with thousands of women or romancing a single woman for the rest of your life are arbitrary in the long run. Relying on others to define YOUR purpose on this planet and YOUR man hood is the fastest way to loosing all meaning in your life. Be the king of your castle!

  • Its plain and simple "nice guys finish last" now easy way to put it is that the jerks get the quanity, while the nice guy gets the quality! becuase men fall inferior to the ferks they become impatient and start to act like the jerk to make up for what they feel they have lost. Its the choice you want quanity or quality?

  • Well if you do and you brag about it to your guy friends that's ok, but don't brag about it around women. Never do that, it will ruin your chances with chicks if you do. Now if a chick sees you with a new girl ever other day, does that mean your a slut no, it just means your good with women, as long as you don't tell them you had sex with all these women, then they won't care, and it won't ruin your chances, in fact they might become more interested in you. I suggest play the field until you find the right chick who knows how many women that might take it, it could take one it might take a dozen or more.

    • OK, but all the girls pass me by, I can't even hold a conversation with one or get a single date

  • I doesn't make a guy to be any masculine to be a womanizer, yeah, that's the word :-) It also means that someone is irresponsible.

    It is all up to your future goals. If you want a serious relationship that would be successful, then there is a way. And someone irresponsible and has no future goals or dreams would rather swing and would not settle with one. That could end up in a mis-fortunate situation at some point of the life.

    • I do want a serious relationship, but I want to make sure I'm not missing out on something so "great" that most guys seem to love, or at least aspire to--having access to as many women as they want.

  • I don't know about masculine, but I don't think many girls would find it attractive.

    • Girls seem to want guys with experience, and I have none...

    • Don't worry too much. Just put yourself out there more often. And most important, never try to be something you are not.

    • I choose to be myself generally, it's just discouraging to see what so many girls want. Well thanks a lot for the encouragement.

  • It makes him more attractive as a man to women's eyes. And they will all disagree with me.

    The more girls I was getting, even more girls wanted me on top of that. It's an exponential thing you see. I've seen COUNTLESS girls hook up with guys they know are players and ladies men. The opposite is true as well. A guy that gets no girls, attracts no girls.

    Is it more masculine? I would say arguably so depending on your definition of masculinity. If you wanna take the natural example, the alpha male has all the girls and is in a relationship with all of them, but he's also protecting them all too!

    Is it wuss like? No. As a man, I feel it's more difficult to be in a monogamous relationship once you have confidence and choice of women in your life, especially with your testosterone begging you to spread your seed to every woman it makes you look at.

    I hope this helps bro.

    • It does help, it's an honest and realistic answer. As much as I'd like to believe differently. I wish girls weren't so shallow; if only one would give me a chance. Thanks bro.

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    • Dude I really see some truth to you logic BUT everyone has their main squeeze, know what I mean? so if she/he goes and sleeps with someone else your telling me you won't get a little jealous? There might always be that one that could've blossomed into a good relation ship but you guys both denied the fact that it might

    • What does jealousy have to do with the question or the answer? And the man who's sleeping with lots of women is choosing not to start a relationship with any of the girls even though he knows he could with any of them.

      There's also 2 types of situations that can occur if the woman sleeps with someone else.

      The man cares and he thinks she's a slut so he gets over her.

      The man doesn't care and still sleeps with her anyway because he wants his nut.


      Just trying to be honest !

  • Based on perception of surrounding males YES! In reality No! Usually a person like that would have substantial difficulty maintaining a serious relationship.

  • After breaking up with my Girlfriend almost 2 years ago, I started hooking up with girls pretty often. Let me tell you, it was a terrible mistake. I never felt "cooler" or "manlier" about it, and am finally realizing that the only thing that will make me happy is to find a great girl to start a real relationship with. Fucking girls doesn't make you manly, but treating women with respect and dignity def. does. Its really up for the guy to do what he wants. No true friend will bug you about not hooking up with girls anyways, so who cares? just my 2 cents

  • I think it is but only if the hookup isn't paid for. As in getting prostitutes.

    Also handling responsibilities and not whining about them and raising and supporting a family is also masculine. Also there's nothing wrong with always wanting a relationship because I think its more fun and that way you won't feel lonely at night when you go to sleep and you will sleep better when your holding your girlfriend. And if you get a girlfriend that looks like a knockout or a princess that has hooked up with very few guys and you got her without the help of your friends then yeah that's very masculine.

    • OK, good to know. You seem to imply that a guy is masculine if women are attracted to him, am I correct?

    • No there are other ways of getting women rather then relying on good looks. You have to have other qualities. I've seen guys that look ugly as I am and some they got a woman that's a knockout. Like for example Howard Stern. Or James Blunt with supermodel Petra Nemcova. Or better yet Britney Spears with Kevin Federline that dude looks like a homeless wankster.

  • No, anyone who says otherwise is insecure, many guys are so insecure they feel like they need to portray a type of dominance by having as much sex as possible, I mean you would probally get a few crazy stories to tell freinds and a few high fives but if you do this you will never have a real relationship because every girl will expect that you are just trying to play her for sex, and that makes you as un-masculane as it gets.

    • Good point...but what about the guy that naturally has girls all over him all the time? many guys are like that, no girl has ever liked me or wanted a relationship with me.

    • Theres someone out there for everyone bro, just because you havn't found her yet don't give up, and I'm not sure what you are asking about guys like that

  • Yes it goes against what most of the gender wants and thinks. It's like the equivalent of a girl who likes to f*** lots of guys. Sure, she can do what she wants and be her own person, but she is certainly not admired by the rest of her gender although she would probably be popular with the opposite gender to an extent.

    I don't think other men will respect you, but you will probably be popular with the girls with that mindset aslong as you don't go overboard with it.

  • Yes it is more masculine, that doesn't make it right though.

    As for the girls and the double standard it is for them. THIS IS OURS! There are plenty of double standards you keep for guys, and as the saying goes. A key that opens many locks is a master key, a lock opened by many keys is a sh*tty lock.

    • Hahaha that's an awesome and poignant saying, never heard it before, gonna write it down. It's a bloody shame that I have to sleep around just to be "more of a man". I mean I have that instinct and impulse as a guy, but emotionally it's just empty and unappealing to me. Oh yeah ain't supposed to have emotions.

    • Nice saying!!!! I'm going to borrow that one.

  • In my opinion, No. The number of women I have sex with doesn't make me feel more masculine.I think sex with no strings attached was just a phase for me. Now that I'm older, it's much more gratifying to be intimate with a woman I have deep emotional attachement to. This is just my personal opinion and everyone is different.

    • No girl has ever wanted either casual sex or a relationship with're lucky.

  • women say its gross or whatever blah blah blah but when it comes down to it they really don't give a sh*t. they end up sleeping with them anyway, which is exactly why the guy has "been around" in the first place. its an effin paradox, womens mentality I mean.

    • Hah, finally someone who agrees with me, either the women are blind to this truth or they refuse to acknowledge it.

    • Yes but when a girl sleeps with a guy she doesn't realize he has been with 50 others.

      it's not her fault her gets around, don't put the blame on us guys! Take responsibility for your own actions!

  • I'd have to agree with you. I'd rather have one awesome girlfriend than sleep with thirty one-night-stands. In reality though, I think it's up to you to decide what makes you a man.

    • Awesome answer and I kinda agree with you...a man should not let his life be dictated, or his identity defined, by the whims of society. Very profound, I will be thinking about this one. Thanks mate

  • its all about what you want out of life dude. masculinity has nothing to do with how many chicks you've been with, or how much you can drink or any of that high school bulls**t. the purpose shouldn't be to rack up numbers of how many chicks you've boned. that's childish and immature. Personally, I don't persue a long term realationship because I'm happy with my lifestyle and haven't meet anyone whom can keep up with me. I don't go out and just look for the first pair of legs. there has to be an attraction. almost primal chemistry. I consider sex an experience like any other we have in life. and what is the purpose of life if not to experience things?

  • actually the no strings attached sex shows nothing but a lack of self confidence!

    • It can...but it seems like most (not all) of those guys have too much self confidence, actually. What about guys like me, who lack confidence and still can't get girls?

  • nope- it isnt.. it is irresponsible. But if ur gonna live that lifestyle, do it to the best of ur ability. The media portrays a guy who has life together as a guy who has a bit of $$$, a few chicks he's banging... that's unrealistic and foolish. Good that you want those things (a real relationship with a girl who will love you back)

    • Well, can't do it to the "best of my ability" because I can't even get one girl. Thanks for your answer though.

    • Hell, it took me YEARS to get confortable arnd women. Primarily because where I grew up, so many of em DID want manwhores, players, thugs, etc... I quit worrying about them, and started dating chicks I found to be pleasing on the inside as well as outside. I met my fiancee at 31 y/o... she was 23. It sounds cliched, I know, but I will say it anyways... Love will find you... even doe ya might havta 'push the envelope' to get it, it will find you.

  • No it makes you a man whore.

    • But is being a "man whore" a more normal thing to be? That's the question

    • In my opinion it's not.

  • I don't think that will make you look more masculine but it will do the opposite. You might think that girls are into you but in reality she is into out side world than you and they are using you to peek on the world where you live. You might feel more of women who cares than leading her. That's kind of illusion. If you really want to go out there and explore, you should have a certain rules for yourself. You have to set up the time lines and don't let anyone bothers you. Then you will hit the target all the time without a problem.

  • i think fighting is the only real way to prove masculinity. everything else is just being a person.

    • What's the value of proving it through fighting though? What if there's nobody to fight...should a guy pick fights? And what's the long-lasting value of that anyway...

    • What the long lasting calue of haveing sex with many women

      that doesn't prove anything. kicking a guys ass proves your more of a man. and no men should not pick fights because a real man will have no problem fighting for fun.

    • Yup nothing screams more masculinity than a man causing bodily harm to others and himself

  • hell yeah brotha. but 25-29 I dunno, you might be looking to settle down

    • Well, I would be settling down if I had experience, but I have non experience

    • I see. I'm only 23 but I think as you get older you don't care about being as masculine or have that much of an ego anymore. You just wanna have fun... I cared more when I was 15. So it's not about getting as many girls as possible, just go out and have fun. If you're lucky you'll meet the girl of your dreams.

  • Lol, I don't need to get with girls to prove I'm a man. I hate it when both males and females lower themselves in order to make it easier for them to get with a girl or a guy. I personally think it is much more masculine to be strong minded, honest, and caring towards girls and be yourself but nowadays who cares about traditional masculinity and femininity, be what you believe is right, not what other people seem to think is right.

    • That's cool, but when you feel like a loser, like I do, you don't know what to believe

  • It takes a real man to commit and not whore himself out. Sure there are guys that brag about that sh*t to their buddies but honestly you'll feel better about yourself if you decide to not whore yourself.

  • nope just slutty

    • Why? Girls seem to like these "slutty" guys.

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