Would a girl date a guy who wears diapers?

I have been wearing them since I was little on my own, it has helped when things are very stressful, to relax.

I feel comfortable, secure, and relaxed in them. I only wet the bed sometimes, but I wear them often.

To me they are my underwear, I don't feel comfortable in anything else.

I've tried not wearing them for a while, and I get uncomfortable if I can't wear them at least once in a while.

My girlfriend doesn't like them, I wish she understood at least a little how they are a security to me.

I love her more then anything, she wants me to not wear them anymore, I'm scared and worried, cause I have always worn them.

She says she wants to marry me, but says it's either the diapers go or she won't marry me.

I feel insecure when I can't wear them at least once in a while.


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  • I do suggest you talk to a professional. BUT, in the mean time, until you gain success from that, try to find another security blanket you can use to substitute that.

    By the way, if this girl really does love you, she'll be nicer and more supportive of you, and at least try to help you get rid of the habit. You should at least show an effort though. Talk to a doctor alone or with her if that make you more comfortable, but at least make a good effort, or else you can't really complain that she isn't accepting you.


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  • well wear them while you are at work or something and take it off before you get home and if you are actually using them to like pee and poop in and you have no medical reason then you are screwed up and need help

  • I can't say that I don't blame your girlfriend for not wanting you to wear them. Diapers are generally for babies or the elderly. If your set in your ways and your not gonna change; then I suggest that you find someone who is comfortable with your diaper wearing. She won't be happy until you make that change.

  • i wet the bed. so I need to wear them. you would be suprised with how many girls wet the bed. :p

  • I would. To me, it's all good. As long as you don't poop in them! I like too pee in diapers.

  • Well if were your girlfriend I wouldn't say choose diapers or me, I would worry about you and try to see if there's something I could do like get you a doctor because it is a little weird...

    You feel scared and worried even when your with her?, I don't think it should be like that.

  • If there are medical reasons, wear them and explain this to her.

    If diapers are like a security blanket to you or like sucking your thumb as a baby, GROW UP.

    Really, as a grown man... wearing a diaper gives you more trouble than its worth.

    If your girlfriend is "the one", do it. If she's not "the one" get rid of the diapers. Makes it easier for you when the one you'll marry comes around.

  • Do you wear the diapers for a medical reason? If not, trust me, you should not be wearing them. You should diaper-train yourself since you are more than old enough to do that. Look, probably 99% (at least) of guys do not wear diapers, so you will have fierce competition for your lady if you decide to go against her wishes and continue to wear diapers at your age. I think that is an incentive enough for you to ditch them. If you want security, get a dog.


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  • I wear them too for the same reasons. Sounds bad but you need to get away from her. Some people will never understand.

  • Talk to a shrink, I think you need professional counseling.