What does it mean when a girl tells a guy she's going to a park with another guy?

what does it mean when a girl tells a guy she's going to a park with another guy, by the way she's been showing interest and may even like the guy she's telling this to.

your first thought would be, she's trying to make him, jealous, right?

what else could it be..

damn they changed the name of it. it was supposed to be "probably a stupid question but.."
oh and I did not ask her where she was going, she just simply out said. "well I'm going to a park with this boy, so ill ttyl, text me"


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  • It probably doesn't have some huge meaning. Maybe she is just letting him know because he asked her where she was headed. Maybe he is trying to make plans with her and needs to know her schedule. I think it's very petty to try to make someone jealous on purpose, and I don't think a lot of girls would do it. But it's not impossible. On the flip side, she could also be trying to send the signal that she is interested in another guy and not him, or isn't interested in choosing one guy. My advice is to not read into it so much. There's really know way to know how she feels without asking her, and it's just a trip to the park.


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  • or she could have just been answering your question when you asked her what she was up to. it's just the park, it's not like they're running off to vegas


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  • The park dude may be a friend, could be another date (people do have multiple dates at a time, not relationships mind you), could be a way to get you moving.

  • It's code for we're going to f*ck in the park but don't let her get to you man just act cool and confident and she'll be taking you to the park ;)