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Why won't he ever open up to me?

I dated this guy for about 9 months and fell in LOVE with him like crazy. He had some trouble in his past with his parents and ex-fiance, yes fiance,... Show More

Also, why is is that he is more open with complimenting or being sweet to me now that we are on break, for example, he tells me more now that I'm beautiful, hot, and have wonderful boobs, and gorgeous eyes, and is amazing, etc... but when we were together
these words rarely came out of his mouth?

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  • Fear of being hurt, a general inability to trust, and possibly some abandonment issues. Psychological issues like that are generally only resolved with time. Not being able to trust somebody you've been dating for 9 months is a pretty significant problem, and a major road block for your relationship. He might benefit from seeing a psychologist, if for no other reason than it's somebody to talk to about this stuff that he doesn't know and can walk away from at any point.

    • HAHA him go to a psychologist, he refuses to up and down which is really annoying, He is stubborn and claims he can deal with his own problems himself, which is annoying too.

    • Your update makes it sound like he takes you for granted. Hence showering you with attention and compliments to get you back, but stopping as soon as he thinks he has you. Honestly, I'd stay "on break" until he can open up to you, because really, where is your relationship going to go if he can never trust you enough to do that.

  • Sounds like he has some issues. Something happened he is not telling you. I think he is scared of commitment.

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