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Do girls like guys with shaved heads

girls seem to compliment me each time I shave my head, its like they like it

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  • i guess that's the perfect look for you. but in general, I don't like it

What Girls Said 7

  • Doesnt work on all guys but some look hot like that... an if girls are complimenting your shaved head then they think it looks good on you

  • depends on the guys. Some guys look good with shaved heads, others don't.

  • Nah it doesn't do anything for me. I like hair thanks. Some guys can pull it off (maybe you're one of them) but for the most part I'm not too found of the look. Although I'd rather date a guy with a shaved head than with long girlie hair lol.

  • thats cool, at least you can get away with a shaved head...some guys can't. I prefer a head full of hair though.

  • Yup! =D

  • Shave heads usually go with a skinny face, but if girls are complimenting you, then keep it!

    • Yea I do have skinny face... but is there something that makes girls attracted to shaved heads, I have head I look intimidating whether that's a good this idk

    • Well, you know I think it shows that you are confident of how you look so you don't care about styling your hair or anything like that. Girls always love confidence.

What Guys Said 1

  • Well, it seems a pretty good bet that the girls complimenting you do, in fact, like it.

    • Hahah nice answer

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