Guys, what kind of girls are you interested in?

Tall? or Short? Both?

Sexy? Or pretty/cute? Both?

Honest? Faithful?

Girls that swear?

Girls that like to have sex?

Funny? Serious?


Basically what I'm trying know is what kind/type of girls guys are interested and not interested in


Most Helpful Guy

  • Tall is better but skin is number one what I'm looking for.

    Sexy? Or pretty/cute?: Aren't they same?

    Honest? Faithful?: Honest, loyal.

    Girls that swear?: okay

    Girls that like to have sex?: yeaa :D

    Funny? Serious?: Both, uhm, who don't get life too serious. but do what she has to do.


    Skin, skin,s kin, white, clean, soft, clean skin. and please don't be skinny, be in normal weight. and don't worry about your weight much if you as far as you are not fat.

    Don't try do loose weight if you are 63 kilos, and your ideal weight is 60. Heey, BMI is not scientific thing. Just look yourself. If you see bones gain weight. If people call you that you are overweight then loose some. But don't deal with few kilos.

    The most important thing for me is a good looking skin and face. You cannot do much about it. The only thing that you can do is do do sports. Go to gym, even if you are in your ideal weight.

    As personality (it does not matter much): be loyal to your bf! (ok, this one matters)

    be outgoing


    don't be shy to make the first move


    don't be rude