Dating hot party girls?

So I just got back from Vegas, where I go frequently, and I always run into the party girls who walk around with dresses so tight and that don't have 1" of leeway in either direction, and this past weekend for Halloween, literally their bra and panties. Even though I want a relationship, I'm still a guy, and these girls seem appealing. I think it's not even that they're hot, because I'm been with a few really attractive "good girls", but it's like wanting what I can't have. Despite being a decent looking, tall, in-shape guy myself, I'm not an underwear model acting as a pick-up artist, and I feel like that's all these girls want. I was wondering if:

a) My premise that these women are very cocky and would (rudely) reject 98% of guys is true


b) What stories guys have about dating these girls that would make me realize that a life of dating cute accountants is much preferable

I realize I'm going on big stereotypes here, but work with me. I feel like I'm missing out in life by only dating the safe, responsible girls like myself. My friends and female friends tell me I'm the complete opposite of the party girl which makes me upset and even a bit hurt that I'm not good enough and have to "settle". After all, aren't I supposed to have fun just for a little bit of my youth rather than always playing it safe?


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  • Here's a tip for you: All women assume men want to get laid; these "attractive girls" do it 100* times more often than the average women.. They go to extremes of guessing how your going to open your mouth.. So be different - (It's free advice, but if you like what you see, he's got an ebook too that I've read and highly recommend)

    And here's the answers to your questions:

    A) Guys in general? False.. Guys that are only trying to get laid? True.

    - Think about it, if a gay guy approached these girls then the girls would welcome him more than anything, just to keep the womanizers away. Well, what if your a straight guy that doesn't give a damn about them or getting laid, but you are fun and intelligent, they'd welcome you to. You just need to find a different way to "communicate with these girls" than the girls you have been speaking with.. They are on a higher level than what you are familiar with - that doesn't mean that you aren't qualified.. It means: you haven't journey'd that path in life.

    B) Here's my story:

    - A big breasted brunette was WAY out of my league, but we'd keep exchanging notes and blah blah blah.. One day I said "F this" and just asked her out - to my suprise she said yes.. Que: "Begging of life in hell"... She F'd my best friend, I can only guess at how many others; I didn't dump her because I thought she was more valuable than I was (low self esteem).. After sticking around her mom chased me for countless months with a stick saying how horrible iw as, further lowering who I was and making me appreciate her even more.. Then I got stuck on how hot she was and how good the sex was.. To get stuck EVEN more... Then I had every single friend tell me "she isn't good for you" - so I dropped them because I thought I loved her.. I went to propose to her and then found out she's flirting with every single guy; Que: "Bad memories all over again"... Not ever single girl has a drama-rating as high as that relationship; but let me tell you that out of the 4 years we were together, there was more bad than good.. And coming from my side, the worst I ever did was leave her for another girl because I THOUGHT I was going to kiss her - then it all turned around in my face.

    Save yourself dude, find a REAL girl and not someone who's plastic. TRUST ME on that. It's fine to have fun attracting them to see if they are real - but if they aren't, why lower yourself just to get with them? They will always try to make you think you are less valuable, but the minute you realize who you TRUELY are, you can attract anyone.. Take it from me - I may not be "taken" but that's because I haven't found my Cinderella.

    ~ ArtistBBoy