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Would a player still go after a girl that says she doesn't sleep around?

Would a player still go after a girl even if she said she's not the type of girl to sleep around in your opinion?Meaning I won't sleep around and I'm... Show More

And he also seems like he really wants to get to know me...I'm just insecure and worried he's a playa..

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  • Trust your instincts more and stop doubting yourself. He's attracted to you and that's why he's seeing you. It's up to you to figure out why he's attracted to you, and no-one else can tell you that. Take your time and work it out first before you lay it all out for him. You'll be fine :)

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  • ha YUP! lol I'm kidding I don't know the answer to this one.But I would be much more attracted to a girl that wasn't rushing the sex thing. But she would however have to make up for it by being a blast to hang out with! haha

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