What do girls appreciate in a boy?

Hi girls :)

Could you give me your opinion what did you appreciate in a boy? Some girls prefers the body (muscles, and things) and others I think are style, the way it just are and the right choose of brands of clothes. But, well how I can say... if a guy are in one of flirt for "one night" (I don't know if I express well) what girls see about guys? Only physical?

I don't understand it :S


I really appreciate all your answer's, thanks 4all :)
I do what the main people said, be sweet, friendly, super worried, etc... but I never talk to engage (but for friendship first), and never have the courage to step forward, and I don't pass of "brother" fried, how I can avoid it? :S thanks 4 attention


Most Helpful Girl

  • I love when he's nice, funny, can take a joke and makes me laugh. That's what makes me like him. Being hot (muscles, cute face, that kind of thing) is just a SUPER bonus I love to get :)

    But if he wears really ugly clothes or something really weird its a total turn off, and its usually done right then and there. I want someone who doesn't make me look as stupid as they do. Also, I love to get friendly in public like hold hands, kiss and sit on his lap. If he's too private about that its a deal breaker, but only depending on how much I like him.

    *****Watch out though, some girls don't like to get lovey-dovey.