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What do girls appreciate in a boy?

Hi girls :) Could you give me your opinion what did you appreciate in a boy? Some girls prefers the body (muscles, and things) and others I think... Show More

I really appreciate all your answer's, thanks 4all :)
I do what the main people said, be sweet, friendly, super worried, etc... but I never talk to engage (but for friendship first), and never have the courage to step forward, and I don't pass of "brother" fried, how I can avoid it? :S thanks 4 attention

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  • I love when he's nice, funny, can take a joke and makes me laugh. That's what makes me like him. Being hot (muscles, cute face, that kind of thing) is just a SUPER bonus I love to get :)

    But if he wears really ugly clothes or something really weird its a total turn off, and its usually done right then and there. I want someone who doesn't make me look as stupid as they do. Also, I love to get friendly in public like hold hands, kiss and sit on his lap. If he's too private about that its a deal breaker, but only depending on how much I like him.

    *****Watch out though, some girls don't like to get lovey-dovey.

What Girls Said 10

  • Yes! it's true sometimes having big guns(muscles) a nice body, being fit and good looking is a bonus and a good head start, but not quite because in the long run what is going to matter more is the guy's personality his character traits and the way he treats his girl. Your behavior is basically what influences us more in the long run, than your good looks,..hope you get my point and good luck

  • big hands, tan skin, nice smile, dimples,

    nice hair, abs, nice arms, stuff like that :)

  • I like guys who have a good personality, are funny and can be a gentleman. I try to look past physical appearances.

    • so you overestimate personality than beauty is that? That's good to know because there are a few girl's with that kind of mind, unfortunately... Thanks

    • You are welcome. And I have noticed that all guys think that girls are only interested in looks which worries me deeply.

  • if a guy has his own style, that can make you more attractive without having to worry about physical looks so much... though they are a bonus lol.

    mainly a good personality is the most attractive, if a guy has a great personality that can attract a girl more than looks.

  • If a guy can make me laugh, will be ridiculous, yet serious when I need him to be. Then to me he doesn't need to be well fit.

  • I appreciate a guy who has a great personality and respects the girl at all times and not like one of those guys who will be so sweet in the beginning of the relationship and when time goes by he's a complete jerk! I personally do not care about looks just about personality just be yourself and not pretend to be someone your not or dress like others. I also appreciate a guy who will make their girl feel special and live and most of all a guy that you can TRust :) !

  • I think its their personality to be honest, if a guys flirty and cute, but also sweet I'm sold lol. Its an extra bonus if they happen to be good looking as well

  • we definitely don't only look at the good physical qualities, yes, it's a bonus if you're good looking, but it's your personality that's going to make us stick around. for me, it's 20% looks and 80 % personality. stuff that I appreciate about a boy is if they actually put in an effort.honesty is also a big thing. also, it helps if you smell good! I hope this was the kind of answer you were looking for :p

  • girls likes many things...

    i like funny I don't care aboutt looks o.O

    some girls just care about looks o.O

    some girls like musicians and stylish or even maby sportish

    i dipend on the girl...soz this answer wasn't that helpful XD

What Guys Said 1

  • Girls like many things

    Style, speech, attitude, physique

    Not all like the same

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