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Does how quickly he responds to your text mean anything?

If a guy answers a girl's text quickly would you say that its a good indication of his interest in her? For example, the last couple of times I've... Show More

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  • I would say it means he likes you, guys as a rule aren't to good with communicating full stop specially by text so the fact he is answering you so fast that's a plus, is he giving you one word answers...if he is he isn't a big communicator. talk to him in person and see how he reacts.

    • It's not so much that he's giving me one word answers but it's definitely the bare minimum. If I ask "how are you feeling?" he would answer "not great but better than yesterday" and the conversation would end there unless I ask something else or continue the conversation in some other way.

    • I wouldn't worry to much about it, Like I said Guys aren't big communicators at the best of times, My guy only ever gives me one word text msgs and emails, and guys don't like talking about feeling, they aren't as emotional as girls, they don't talk about that stuff. Is He shy in person?

    • I'd day he's kinda shy, more on the quiet side than anything else. It just comes across like he doesn't really want to talk to me but is too nice not to respond so he gives me the bare minimum in the hopes that I'll just go away.

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