What does heart break feel like?

For me it was like my heart fell asleep and it just radiated all through my chest and then I could hardly breathe. And then I kept breathing very deep like I couldn't get enough air into my lungs. I wasn't sure I was even in love until I had my heart broken, It ended with everything turning out to be OK once all the confusion was sorted out but it took me for ever to make my lungs work and it felt like my heart was just aching. I used to think it was just in a persons head but it truly was a physical pain for me as well. I was wondering if anyone had a similar experience


Most Helpful Guy

  • Make no mistake, emotional pain is real pain. It drives some people to suicide if it isn't dealt with. It drives other people to drug addictions and sometimes behavioral addictions like sex or cutting to distract them from the pain.

    There's a great song by REM called "Everybody Hurts". The first time you go through it it seems like no one could understand but most people go through it at some point. For me personally, heartache feels like someone has pinched my heart with a pair of pliers and is just twisting it and twisting it. It also burns a little.