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What does heart break feel like?

For me it was like my heart fell asleep and it just radiated all through my chest and then I could hardly breathe. And then I kept breathing very... Show More

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  • Make no mistake, emotional pain is real pain. It drives some people to suicide if it isn't dealt with. It drives other people to drug addictions and sometimes behavioral addictions like sex or cutting to distract them from the pain.

    There's a great song by REM called "Everybody Hurts". The first time you go through it it seems like no one could understand but most people go through it at some point. For me personally, heartache feels like someone has pinched my heart with a pair of pliers and is just twisting it and twisting it. It also burns a little.

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  • torture for many years.

  • For me It felt like almost a sick feeling in my stomach, like having butteflies except it felt really bad. I also felt this overwhelming breathlessness, to the point where I had to sit down... then after the initial hit it was just pure sadness from then on, just wondering why things have to be like they are most of the time, it sucked ass

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  • For me when my boyfriend of 4 years broke up ith me it felt like someione ripped my heart out of my chest and stomped on it. And that I couldn't breathe. I lost 10 pounds when iwas already tiny. Food just didn't go down easy for me after that

  • My body just stops working, If I'm truly heartbroken my legs give out and I can't breathe, can't think can't eat, can't sleep, all I want to do is cry.

  • I never really had a real heartbreak until I met this guy who I really got to love. believe it or not, it was like the first time I fell in love. before him, I only had tiny crushes with those good looking guys who I dated and then when the "relationship" ended I barely felt it. But then, I realized there was more than that. I fell into this guy who now is my boyfriend, and when he broke my heart I just felt as if all my world had fallen. I felt as if everything I knew was a lie, cause I really believed he liked me back. I felt lost and confused and, just as you, I realized how much I loved him. I remember that the pain really like delayed because it was until like three hours after that, when I was at home in my room, that I really felt the pain. I started crying for who knows how long and then fell a sleep. I felt his response as a stab in the heart, so that's basically how a heartbreak to me feels like.

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