What position do you sleep in?

Different positions have different meanings and shows what kind of person you are. I sleep in the fetal, yearner and freefall position.

Fetal position is the most common sleep position. People who sleep in this position are shy and sensitive.

Soldier position. This sleep position is where you lie flat on your back with your arms at your side. People who sleep in this position are quiet and reserved.

Log position. This sleep position is where you lie sideways with legs stretched out and arms down. People who sleep in this position are social and easy-going.

Yearner position. This sleep position is where you lie sideways with legs stretched out and arms stretched out. People who sleep in this position are suspicious.

Freefall position. This sleep position is where you lie face down (on your stomach) with hands beside your head. People who sleep in this position are brash and gregarious.

Starfish position. This position is where you lie flat on your back with outstretched arms and legs. People who sleep in this position are unassuming and good listeners.




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  • I was going to say naked until I reread the question.

    I used to sleep in a twisted position due to an accident when I was a kid. I would lay on my back and my lower half would be twisted so my knees were facing down.

    I sleep on my side only in the fetal position if I'm really cold. I don't sprawl out since I have a cat and might kick her off. Sometimes I sleep in the coffin position (on my back with my hands folded on my chest).

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  • Yearner almost exclusively, albeit with a pillow between my arms. (As someone else said, "hugging a pillow".) Sometimes I have a pillow between my legs, or I'll just shift one leg forward. I can't stand the feeling of knees touching, or the angle required of the shoulders with nothing between your arms.

  • A combination of Fetal and Freefall. I'm on my stomach with my arms under me and my waist turned to the side with my knees bent way up.

    Sometimes Soldier if my legs are sore

    And in the link it's called wanker you changed it why?

    • that wanker link wasan accident lol, I didn`t realize till after

      I sleep like the first one you described.

  • Starfish and freefall. Sometimes fetal if I'm not feeling good.

  • I'm a foetal/thinker sleep, apparently I don't move all night and wake up in the exact same position (apparently).

    • Really? That's pretty cool.

  • i sleep in different ways, it depends on how trashed I am usually. I'd say I mostly sleep in the soldier position, log position ,yearner position and once in a while the starfish position.

  • I used to do soldier, but now I stick to fetus. Occasionally, I find myself freefalling.

  • Fetal/log most, freefall sometimes, solider hardly ever. I just feel uncomfortable lying on my back.

    I'd say I'm reserved, unassuming and easy going.

  • Soldier.

  • I fall asleep with my legs curled up and I'm holding onto my pillow or have my arms beside me. When I wake up, I'm a either a bit more straightened out but still have my legs curled, or I'm laying on my back or side with my covers all weirder up, a pillow kicked onto the floor, and just super comfortable.

    So you decide which one I am. I'd say most describe me at some point besides the Log position. That sounds too rigid to be comfortable.

    • Probably so, because I'm a baller

    • So you fall asleep in the fetal/yearner position. One of those. :)

  • Fetal.. In a tiny ball so my face is pretty close to knees

    • LOL Desires is a regular on here who normally trolls (no offence) so maybe people just thought he was trolling..

    • Haha, I don't understand why a person would down you for that.

      "I don't like the way this guy sleeps... I"m gonna disagree with his answer."

      Haha... sorry, just makes me wonder what some people are thinking!

    • You got an upvote from me :D ignore the haterz

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  • Freefall but I don't even know what brash and gregarious means.

  • Soldier/stargazer, yearner, and fetal/thinker. (in order of more common to less common)

  • No offence but it's highly unlikely that your personality is defined by what position you sleep in.

    • None taken, I didn`t come up with this. I just believe in it.

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  • Freefall and a fetal position. Going by the definitions of both,it doesn't seem to make much sense when I view what my personality is like.:)

  • I sleep in a sexual position

    • LOL

  • I sleep in the fetal and log positions, though sometimes I wake up and I'm in the soldier position. Who knows, it varies a lot.

  • Soldier position, log position and freefall but mostly log

  • Freefaller definitely. Can't sleep any other way

  • same as you. apparently, I'm shy, suspicious, and brash ;)

  • im a freefaller and starfish depending on how I'm feeling

  • i sleep in the fetal position and the freefall position. but the freefall description doesn't apply to me at all. I'm more of the quiet reserved type

  • On my side hugging a pillow

  • whats brash and gregarious?

    never heard those words before!

  • Soldier and freefall (with modifications). Based on the descriptions, they're opposites... I don't think I'm brash though...