Guys: How long do you wait before you ask a girl for her number?

If you met a girl in class (college), and you've talked a little, and always smile at her, but she's shy -- how long do you typically wait to ask for her number? do you wait for her to seem more interested?


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  • I wait to ask for her number like 2 weeks to a month , take things slow as possible.


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  • I usually just wait for the right moment, it comes at different times for different people, it doesn't hurt if the girl is more interested either.

  • I usually wait for a "sign of more interest". If I'm talking regularly with a woman, I would ask her for her number after about a week. I tend to take my time if she seems shy and slow to come around. Someone who flirts soon after meeting me, gets asked for her number much sooner.

    • What would you consider "signs of more interest"?

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  • I know this is a guys question, but, this guy I liked asked for my number and I was shy, but it made it easier that he made the first move, and it was quite sweet :) then I got to know him better. make sure she looks like she likes talking to you if you know what I mean, then just ask, after like a week is good I reckon if you talk all the time :)