How do I help my ex get over me?

ok my ex has been telling me that he loves me and that he's gonna kill him self cause I'm not in his life I don't know how 2 help him get over me and I don't want him 2 hurt himself. he already knows I'm in a relationship and he's desperate in trying 2 get me back. how can I help him move on?


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  • My first boyfriend said the same thing in high school. He is now married and has four kids and is completely fine. Sometimes, young people don't know how to deal with something, especially if it's their first heartbreak, so they say and do all kinds of things to get your sympathy and try to get you back with them. They basically haven't developed the tools yet to handle their emotions constructively. If someone is using suicide as a ploy to get you back into their life, that's manipulative. People who really commit suicide don't do this. If anything, they usually keep quiet and hide it. We all have our hearts broken at some point, it's part of life. This is just hard for him because it's the first time but he'll have to get through it, it's part of growing up and it's not your job to help him with that. If you aren't together anymore, it isn't your responsibility and part of maturing is learning how to handle yourself on your own. Obviously, he's desperate to get you back and this is his strategy. You aren't together anymore, you can be with whoever you want and now you are in a new relationship. Of course that hurts for him, but it's a reality and the more you try to help him the more he will try to exploit this situation. I know it's hard, but move on and give him the freedom and space to grow up and do the same.


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  • I f***ing hate this question and people like you who cause that much pain in someone else.

  • I'm no grammar Nazi, but this is pathetic. Seriously? How hard is it proofread?

  • If you really care about him then get back to him I'm in the same boat like him broken heart seeing my ex with some1 else I just want to die...


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