Why do men lie about EVERYTHING?

why do you do it? why do men lie all the time? seriously about EVERYTHING?


Most Helpful Guy

  • No one lies all the time. Unless you have something wrong upstairs. Girl like all the time as well. It's just human nature to lie. A person lies because they think the truth will get them in trouble or hurt someone else they love, or destroy something they worked hard to get or achieve. Actually there are many reasons why people lie. To say one gender lies more than the next is pretty unreasonable. To think one person lies more than the next is much more reasonable. Lying all depends on situation, personality, background, thought-pattern. It's a psychological think not a gender things. If it's a gender thing, how come you have gays/lesbos married for years to the opposite gender and then come out to their partner years later. People are desperate sometimes to hide things in fear of ruining what they have, so they lie.