What does my boyfriend mean by I'm always gonna be a part of his life?

He said no matter what that I was gonna always be apart of his life. What does he mean by that.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Unless his a psycho, I would say he loves you. Not merely as bf/gf, but he sees you as someone who is a major part of his life. Kinda like he wouldn't emotionally function properly without you. cheesy-ness aside, he probably means he would have been a different person if you werent there to change how he sees things, behave and do stuff.

    So if anything happens that would make you guys fall out, he wouldn't take it lightly. If he's a passive person, he would feel lonely/ sad and take it as a lesson. If he's more aggressive he would try anything to remind you how you mean to him (be careful if that's the case). Either way, its best if you don't take this lightly too. Show him where he stands in your life (hugs/ kisses/proper talking)

    Btw if you only met the guy for 3 weeks or less and he doesn't explain why he said that, no doubt his a bit needy. Better show him where he stands (talk).

    ... I might have read this a bit to much =S