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Why do guys like big hips?

why is there such a fascination with big hips? people tell me all the time I have huge hips, why do people like them so much?

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  • What the girls said below is absolutely true; most men are genetically "hardwired" to prefer the hourglass figure because this suggests a healthy, suitable mate for childbearing.

    Take me, for instance, when I see a girl with big hips (even from the front), I just know she's going to have a nice ass, too. (I like my babes stacked and packed).

    Not all men like 'em, but you might be surprised to learn that although most women would prefer to be a size 4 or 6 - most men prefer a woman who is a size 10.

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  • different strokes for different folks

  • I don't care whether a girl has big hips, as long as they're not too thin I really don't mind. Some guys like booty, others' don't care.

  • they don't ,they lied to you

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