Have you ever fainted/passed out?

if so, tell me about it :]

why was it?

is there a medical reason behind it?

what happened?

did you stay out for long?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • It's happened twice. The first was because of low blood sugar. I woke up, exercised and cleaned so I had been fasting for hours and then became very active. When I finally was going to eat breakfast I sliced my thumb open on a can lid and after about 30 second of bleeding I passed out. It was only for a few seconds.

    The second time was after I had my wisdom teeth taken out. I was in the car for hours and I though we were getting ready to grab lunch so I took one of my pain pills but then we didn't end up eating for about an hour. I got out of the car and was standing in line at subway and passed out. Again, just for a few seconds.

    Before I passed out each time my vision blacked out before it happened. When I came around I was covered in sweat. I have a low RBC but I don't know it that has anything to do with it (by making me more susceptible). My sister passed out once because she has a genetic condition that causes her to have too much iron in her blood. It's not severe and she doesn't have to be on medication or anything.