Have you ever fainted/passed out?

if so, tell me about it :]

why was it?

is there a medical reason behind it?

what happened?

did you stay out for long?

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  • It's happened twice. The first was because of low blood sugar. I woke up, exercised and cleaned so I had been fasting for hours and then became very active. When I finally was going to eat breakfast I sliced my thumb open on a can lid and after about 30 second of bleeding I passed out. It was only for a few seconds.

    The second time was after I had my wisdom teeth taken out. I was in the car for hours and I though we were getting ready to grab lunch so I took one of my pain pills but then we didn't end up eating for about an hour. I got out of the car and was standing in line at subway and passed out. Again, just for a few seconds.

    Before I passed out each time my vision blacked out before it happened. When I came around I was covered in sweat. I have a low RBC but I don't know it that has anything to do with it (by making me more susceptible). My sister passed out once because she has a genetic condition that causes her to have too much iron in her blood. It's not severe and she doesn't have to be on medication or anything.


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  • A few times. When I was younger, I had a few drinks and spent a long time in a hot tub with some friends, and then when we went inside I was so hot that I blacked out from heat exhaustion.

    Since then, I've gotten MS which makes me sensitive to heat, so a couple times I've tried to go work out and gotten too hot and blacked out in the gym.

  • Never have...

    are you familiar with Wikipedia?

    sorry that comes off as arrogant

    but still, it may be helpful

    • im more interested in other peoples experiences

  • I went on a hiking trip recently and almost fainted because I was a dumbf*** and I didn't take off my jacket, so it was way too hot. I was dehydrated and really hot. I was actually getting dizzy and lightheaded, and we were hiking over a bunch of boulders. Would have been bad if I had passed out haha. But luckily I didn't. So no, I've never actually fainted before. Have you?

    • Btw, someone who used to be my friend once fainted because he was getting shots and got really scared.

    • yes, kind of often, for various reasons...

      thanks for sharing :]

    • Care to share the reasons?

      My pleasure :)

  • first time it was on purpose, some friends and I were f***ing around with that whole hyper-ventilation thing and then cut your circulation, yeah it was pretty insane. I remember during the time it felt like I was electron in a circuit board moving at a high velocity and then I crashed into something and I awoke. and when I did, I had absolutely no idea what the hell was going on, why people were standing around me, nor where I was; my entire system was rebooted. I probably suffered brain damage lol, oh well.

    the second I was putting books away on the top shelf in my closet...i suddenly fell light headed and then next thing I knew I was waking from the ground thinking what the? I didn't hurt myself thankfully :)

  • Does passing out due to alcohol count?

  • I passed out due to a painful migraine once... It was before my high school graduation and almost missed it... I can't remember how long I was out.

  • Yea when I was young and had to get my blood drawn three times because they kept missing the vein. I hate needles. At least I know I'll never get addicted to heroin.

  • yes during a school play lol I dropped like a rock. Its usually due to be being dizzy and dehydrated.


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  • When I was little I fell over a few times, hit my head bad enough so that I was out for a min or so. I don't remember it but that 's what my mom tells me.

  • Too. Much. Achohol! Enough said.

    • LOL thanks for sharing :]

  • I fainted off of a horse while doing dressage. I blame it on already being really sick (Some sort of flu thing) then having an asthma attack. No oxygen to the brain means the brain doesn't work. And off I fell to wake back up a couple minutes later surrounded by concerned witnesses.

    I also fainted when I went to get my tattoo. Not during the actual tattooing portion but they applied the stencil wrong and had to take it off by dousing my back in alcohol. The fumes did me in for about 30 seconds. Then in my infinite wisdom I decided to lay down and let the nice lady stab me with a needle for 3 hours once I'd recovered.

  • Twice. Once, in front of everyone at work. I can deal with that. Bad, but tolerable.

    The other time - we were having an ANZAC service (a day were we commemorate those who lost their lives in WWI & II). I had sung, and had to stand in the sun while the ceremony went on.

    Down I went. In front of at least 500 people. Yay for me.

    • i hate it the most when too many people are concerned (though never as much as 500 maybe in front of 40 but not more) and they want to know if I'm okay or not, it adds to my stress I guess, its like I don't want to disappoint them and want to get up okay and fine :/

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    • Oh damn, I'm sorry for your loss. Well I had been standing in like 35 degree (celcius) weather for about a half hour - it was clear it would have been from heat stroke, or something. But it's mortifying to have to reassure everyone that you are okay, when you just wanna forget!

    • lol I understand :]

  • Yeah, heaps. From consuming large quantities of alcohol, from hitting my head hard, from overheating, I’ve passed out a couple of times from pain, surgery, from blood loss, dehydration, starvation, lack of oxygen (I once choked myself, as I wanted to see what would happen), from concussions, claustrophobia, from sun stroke, performing on stage, exhaustion, I once stood up too quickly and I passed out from the rush of blood, I lost consciousness from shock and hyperventilation due to being shot, low blood sugar etc.

    • im kind of the same -.-

    • Good for you.

  • There was one time when I got really sick and kept going in and out of consciousness. I just stayed in bed and took some medicine.

  • almost on the first day of year 7=D

    • aww was it in front of everyone or some where with less people?

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    • missed first day of school and had mc donalds afterward, makes it not so bad after all :p

    • LOL yeeeaaa! hahahahah!

  • Yes. I faint when I get my period. Not every month but at least a few times a year. The worst case was about 3 years ago and I fainted in the shower. The pain was so bad I can't even describe it. I couldn't even get into bed. The walls were all moving and it took my about 2 hours before I could stand again.

  • Well mines not the best story but I was like 12 and that day I had gotten my first period. While blow drying my hair, I started to feel really strange and light headed. Because my body wasn't use to the blood lost, I fainted. Luckly my mother was there to catch me because I had almost hit my head on the toilet which was behind me. I wasn't out for long but I do remember while I was passed out all these random memories ran through my head like as if watching a movie. It was weird and cool at the same time. Other then that there was a few times I almost passed out which they were all while about to have in the doctors office surgery.