Why do girls wear leggings?

Be honest. Do you want catch a guys attention or are they just comfortable gor you.

Haha I put gor instead of for.
To be honest, I don't really dig leggings. I prefer for a girl to wear a nice skirt or some jeans :D
Hahah I love the debates on here.


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  • They're our comfy clothes that still look cute , and can be dressed up/down to whatever occasion :)


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  • if I wanted to get attention I would wear a low cut shirt, a push up bra, skirt and heels. not leggings. leggings are more for short skirts and feeling comfortable. Sorry guys, we don't always dress to impress.

  • Cause they're comfortable. I try not to wear them (and when I do, always with a long shirt) but sometimes I seriously just can't give a single f*** when getting dressed in the morning.

  • Leggings make me feel like a toddler. I only wear them for comfort so I don't expect attention. I wear my grown up clothes for that.

  • I only wear leggings underneath really long t-shirts, because it looks silly with jeans and if I wear shorts you can't see them, so I look pants-less.

  • There comfy. Also, I almost never wear jeans, mostly skirts or dresses (not for religious purposes, I just hate the feeling of denim), so its a nice switch up.

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  • My guess is they just want attention. Strange haha.

    • Haha never mind. I didn't realize they were comfortable. Looking at the girls' answers, it's probably both - attention, and they're comfy.

    • Yeah, I agree with your second update.

  • I've never experienced legging-hate until I came here... And when I first saw it I was like, wat? Leggings were the very first non-free hanging article of clothing, as opposed to skirts and robes, worn to cover the legs. I think they should have their entitled place in acceptable clothing without needing to be questioned

  • I'm sure for a lot of girls it's attention, but to be fair, they are really comfy, and go with a lot of outfits.

    • actually no I don't wear it for attention at all, I wear what I like, not to impress other people.

    • Lol, I didn't say you did. I just said SOME girls wear them for attention, not all.

  • leggings suck, they look trashy.

    Some jeans show the shape of the ass almost as good as leggings.

  • They are comfortable.

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