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Why do girls wear leggings?

Be honest. Do you want catch a guys attention or are they just comfortable gor you.

Haha I put gor instead of for.
To be honest, I don't really dig leggings. I prefer for a girl to wear a nice skirt or some jeans :D
Hahah I love the debates on here.

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  • They're our comfy clothes that still look cute , and can be dressed up/down to whatever occasion :)

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What Girls Said 20

  • I only wear leggings underneath really long t-shirts, because it looks silly with jeans and if I wear shorts you can't see them, so I look pants-less.

  • Cause they're comfortable. I try not to wear them (and when I do, always with a long shirt) but sometimes I seriously just can't give a single f*** when getting dressed in the morning.

  • they are just very comfortable

  • I just like them. I have lots of different colors of them, so I like to dress up in fun clothes and they usually go with it.

  • There comfy. Also, I almost never wear jeans, mostly skirts or dresses (not for religious purposes, I just hate the feeling of denim), so its a nice switch up.

  • Leggings make me feel like a toddler. I only wear them for comfort so I don't expect attention. I wear my grown up clothes for that.

  • For style. I don't wear them often, but if they look cute with my outfit, then there it goes onto my legs.

  • They're nice if you want to be comfortable(like sweatpants) for running/hiking, but also their great for dressing up.I don't wear them for attention, I think many people look fantastic in them though.

  • hahah pretty much both, why not hit two birds with one stone huhfor one they look pretty hot and for two their pretty chill to wear, instead of bare legs

    • Nice answer.

    • sure why notyou'd know if you were a girlreally lol

  • Both I guess, I wear them if its a hot day or with a skirt. They are comfortable and my x-bf used to love them.

  • if I wanted to get attention I would wear a low cut shirt, a push up bra, skirt and heels. not leggings. leggings are more for short skirts and feeling comfortable. Sorry guys, we don't always dress to impress.

  • They are super comfy and more attractive looking then sweat pants

    • you know they make jeans that act like sweats now. called pajama jeans. just a suggestion. I don't like sweats in public on a girl as much as the next but, I also HATE leggings. so thought id mention this

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    • well don't you think that girls wear them because THEY like it, not to impress guys

    • if they like it, its mostly to impress guys. the other 25% is to feel comfy

  • not to catch a guys attention, I just wear them because they're really comfortable and they look cute with tunics and boots or w.e

  • I wear them because they are comfy and because if they are bright colors I kinda like to go crazy xD

  • I don't wear leggings. A) I personally think loose sweat pants are way comfier.B) Honestly, I don't think they're that flattering.

  • Its a bit of both really, they're tight fitting and make your figure look great. Not to mention easy to throw on and pretty comfortable. I prefer jeggings over leggings because they look more put together/fashionable. I love my pants tight...Its not attention seeking. I wear them because I like them, if you have a nice figure show it off. (:

    • i much prefer jeggings over leggings, as much as I hate both

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    • Samoht_D3193 hours ago depends how you wear the leggings. as many have said the shirt covering the ass. wearing them with skirts/dresses. it depends on how you wear them.Question Asker 43 minutes ago Annnnnns Samoht is the winner! lolz

    • Your opinion doesn't matter on this subject. and exactly it depends how you wear them.. you lose sorry. I win :D

  • haha I find it funny that most of the guys think its for attention when all the girls' answers say that it is for style, comfort, etc.no boys, they're not for you :)

    • have you ever thought about it in a guys pov?

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    • haha. hold your appluase, let me introduce myself, first. then you can applause. hi I'm samoht_D319 and I just proved you wrong"applause"

    • nope, you didn't prove anything. excuse me, but sleep is way more important to me than this discussion. moving forward...the difference between how you wear them is simply style & preference. yet again, boys & attention do not factor into the equation.?

  • honestly I wear them for comfort, I really don't think about catching guys attention every time I put on leggings. Usually I'll wear jeans but leggings really are much more comfortable so sometimes I'll wear them instead.

  • because there so comfortable

    • *they're lolz

What Guys Said 7

  • leggings suck, they look trashy.Some jeans show the shape of the ass almost as good as leggings.

  • I'm sure for a lot of girls it's attention, but to be fair, they are really comfy, and go with a lot of outfits.

    • actually no I don't wear it for attention at all, I wear what I like, not to impress other people.

    • Lol, I didn't say you did. I just said SOME girls wear them for attention, not all.

  • I've never experienced legging-hate until I came here... And when I first saw it I was like, wat? Leggings were the very first non-free hanging article of clothing, as opposed to skirts and robes, worn to cover the legs. I think they should have their entitled place in acceptable clothing without needing to be questioned

  • My guess is they just want attention. Strange haha.

    • Haha never mind. I didn't realize they were comfortable. Looking at the girls' answers, it's probably both - attention, and they're comfy.

    • Yeah, I agree with your second update.

  • If the shirt covers her ass, then it's probably for comfort. If it doesn't and she's wearing a thong or less underneath and her ass is spectacular, then you can bet money it's all about the attention. And there ain't nothing wrong with that!

    • Gotta disagree with you there, QA. I like a nice skirt or jeans as much as the next guy, but a fantastic ass in leggings with nothing on underneath is a thing of EXTREME beauty! One of the main reasons for a guy to ever set foot in a yoga class.

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    • Well, now thankfully, you get girls who forget that the rest of the world isn't their yoga class. I'll sometimes find myself in line at a coffee shop behind a girl who's on her way to or from the gym and it's a wonderful, wonderful thing.

    • Great point, I cannot argue with that. :D

  • They are comfortable.

  • lol, I love how girls put comfort first then attention. and guys put attention before comfortmaybe you should think about pov, the next time you answer, girls

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