Why do girls wear leggings?

Be honest. Do you want catch a guys attention or are they just comfortable gor you.

Haha I put gor instead of for.
To be honest, I don't really dig leggings. I prefer for a girl to wear a nice skirt or some jeans :D
Hahah I love the debates on here.

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  • They're our comfy clothes that still look cute , and can be dressed up/down to whatever occasion :)

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  • For style. I don't wear them often, but if they look cute with my outfit, then there it goes onto my legs.

  • honestly I wear them for comfort, I really don't think about catching guys attention every time I put on leggings. Usually I'll wear jeans but leggings really are much more comfortable so sometimes I'll wear them instead.

  • I don't wear leggings.

    A) I personally think loose sweat pants are way comfier.

    B) Honestly, I don't think they're that flattering.

  • because there so comfortable

    • *they're lolz

  • I only wear leggings underneath really long t-shirts, because it looks silly with jeans and if I wear shorts you can't see them, so I look pants-less.

  • if I wanted to get attention I would wear a low cut shirt, a push up bra, skirt and heels. not leggings. leggings are more for short skirts and feeling comfortable. Sorry guys, we don't always dress to impress.

  • They're nice if you want to be comfortable(like sweatpants) for running/hiking, but also their great for dressing up.I don't wear them for attention, I think many people look fantastic in them though.

  • There comfy. Also, I almost never wear jeans, mostly skirts or dresses (not for religious purposes, I just hate the feeling of denim), so its a nice switch up.

  • Cause they're comfortable. I try not to wear them (and when I do, always with a long shirt) but sometimes I seriously just can't give a single f*** when getting dressed in the morning.

  • they are just very comfortable

  • They are super comfy and more attractive looking then sweat pants

    • if they like it, its mostly to impress guys. the other 25% is to feel comfy

    • well don't you think that girls wear them because THEY like it, not to impress guys

    • it shows me, you haven't shaved. or you have "bad" legs. theyre cover ups. not meant to be pants

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  • hahah pretty much both, why not hit two birds with one stone huh

    for one they look pretty hot and for two their pretty chill to wear, instead of bare legs

    • sure why not

      you'd know if you were a girl

      really lol

    • Nice answer.

  • haha I find it funny that most of the guys think its for attention when all the girls' answers say that it is for style, comfort, etc.

    no boys, they're not for you :)

    • nope, you didn't prove anything. excuse me, but sleep is way more important to me than this discussion. moving forward...the difference between how you wear them is simply style & preference. yet again, boys & attention do not factor into the equation.?

    • haha. hold your appluase, let me introduce myself, first. then you can applause. hi I'm samoht_D319 and I just proved you wrong


    • Annnnnns Samoht is the winner! lolz

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  • not to catch a guys attention, I just wear them because they're really comfortable and they look cute with tunics and boots or w.e

  • Leggings make me feel like a toddler. I only wear them for comfort so I don't expect attention. I wear my grown up clothes for that.

  • I wear them because they are comfy and because if they are bright colors I kinda like to go crazy xD

  • I just like them. I have lots of different colors of them, so I like to dress up in fun clothes and they usually go with it.

  • Its a bit of both really, they're tight fitting and make your figure look great. Not to mention easy to throw on and pretty comfortable. I prefer jeggings over leggings because they look more put together/fashionable. I love my pants tight.

    ..Its not attention seeking. I wear them because I like them, if you have a nice figure show it off. (:

    • Your opinion doesn't matter on this subject. and exactly it depends how you wear them.. you lose sorry. I win :D

    • Samoht_D319

      3 hours ago

      depends how you wear the leggings. as many have said the shirt covering the ass. wearing them with skirts/dresses. it depends on how you wear them.

      Question Asker

      43 minutes ago

      Annnnnns Samoht is the winner! lolz

    • unless, I like it.. which I happen to not to. don't like my opinion, f*** off

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  • Both I guess, I wear them if its a hot day or with a skirt. They are comfortable and my x-bf used to love them.

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  • They are comfortable.

  • lol, I love how girls put comfort first then attention. and guys put attention before comfort

    maybe you should think about pov, the next time you answer, girls

  • If the shirt covers her ass, then it's probably for comfort. If it doesn't and she's wearing a thong or less underneath and her ass is spectacular, then you can bet money it's all about the attention. And there ain't nothing wrong with that!

    • Great point, I cannot argue with that. :D

    • Well, now thankfully, you get girls who forget that the rest of the world isn't their yoga class. I'll sometimes find myself in line at a coffee shop behind a girl who's on her way to or from the gym and it's a wonderful, wonderful thing.

    • True. Its just that girls who wear these just to show off seem desperate to me.

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  • I've never experienced legging-hate until I came here... And when I first saw it I was like, wat? Leggings were the very first non-free hanging article of clothing, as opposed to skirts and robes, worn to cover the legs. I think they should have their entitled place in acceptable clothing without needing to be questioned

  • I'm sure for a lot of girls it's attention, but to be fair, they are really comfy, and go with a lot of outfits.

    • Lol, I didn't say you did. I just said SOME girls wear them for attention, not all.

    • actually no I don't wear it for attention at all, I wear what I like, not to impress other people.

  • leggings suck, they look trashy.

    Some jeans show the shape of the ass almost as good as leggings.

  • My guess is they just want attention. Strange haha.

    • Yeah, I agree with your second update.

    • Haha never mind. I didn't realize they were comfortable. Looking at the girls' answers, it's probably both - attention, and they're comfy.