I gave a guy my number. Guys, do you think this is weird?

A couple days ago, I gave a guy my number. I've never really talked to him though. I gave it to him in a note. I'm wondering if he thinks that it was weird?

Thanks for all the answers! And he does know me, kinda. We've had 2 classes together, just never talked.


Most Helpful Guy

  • A little bit, but that doesn't mean it's a bad thing.

    Guys think that pretty much everything girls do is weird, and so past a certain age, most of us give up trying to figure you all out.

    He might find it a little awkward to call you, since he doesn't really know you. Hopefully he at least knows your name, or you wrote in the note.

    Most guys are fairly non-judgmental people, so you shouldn't worry about him thinking it's weird or not. I doubt he cares about that. He will call you if A. he's interested in you, and B. he's not too shy to call a girl who randomly gave him her number.