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Types of bathing suits that look good on guys?

Was going shopping tomorrow for a bathing suit and wanted to know if most girls like solid color trunks or the ones that have designs on them. If... Show More

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  • Well, every girl has their own likes and dislikes. So, not every girl will like what you're wearing. Honestly, it doesn't matter what you wear aslong as you have a great personality. :]

    I would definitely avoid billboard-type board shorts, like when the swim suit is basically just advertising their company. I think that looks awful. Like this.. link

    I personally don't like over-the-top shorts. The really colorful and graphic ones like.. link

    The classic Hawaiian shorts look kind of tacky too... link

    I don't think you can go wrong with something simple, with no more than 3 colors other than black and white, maybe like link or link or link or link or link or link orrrr... link hah, sorry for all the examples..

    Hope that helped at least. :]

    • thanks for your opinion and links provided...nice of u

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  • Design trunks. It doesn't really matter which one you pick, but designs are more interesting to look at it. ^^

  • Bored shorts.

  • Board shorts are HOT

  • To me they should be simple.

    I personally don't like a ton of desgins with dragons and stuff all over them.

    Here are some I like;




    It also depends on your skin color.

    If you have lighter skin, avoid oranges and yellows and go with cool tone colors

    If you are on the tanner side, go with warmer colors like orange and yellow(:

    Hope this helped!

    • thanks for the input that helped and the links too appreciate it...

  • yeah just regular swimming trunks are good. nothing with patterns or designs on them just a solid color

  • it wouldn't let me put a link on here but, it seems like boardshorts are a lot more popular then regular bathing suits now, and the ones with designs are usually cooler then the plain ones

  • i like little designs, nothing too bright though. white background and black designs would be cute

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