What do you usually eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner everyday?

Do you have certain things you always eat daily or is it always something different? Do you feel good eating them afterwards? Is it pretty cheap or kinda pricey?


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  • Breakfast: up and goLunch: chips, drink, sandwich and more chipsDinner: whatever my mum makes, chips and cookies.Late Lunch: coke :P

    • LLOL, must have liked your Q then :)

    • You didn't know me back then. Tee hee

    • yayyyyyyyyyyyyy! thanks! :D

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  • sandwich sandwich sandwich

  • I eat whatever I can get, or nothing at all. =)

    • LOL, I followed Shadoww =D

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  • breakfast -- coffee and bagellunch - some kind of wrapdinner - variety

  • Can't do beakfast but I tend to go daily to buy cheese sticks and a powerade at sonic.it's like $5 and comes about 25 lol so yeah I feel bad cux it could of gone to gas

  • Break fast varies for me but I do coffee at school and what ever the cheff cooked for lunchWhen I'm at home I eat oat meal on most days or a smoothy for breakfast Lunch and dinner are different every day but my faves are risotto, mac and cheese, pizza, falafel, stir fry, grilled cheese sandwich, veggie dogs

    • sometimes and now I am eating meat again

    • Really? no waffles huh?

  • recently, I have noticed that I lost my appetite. SO here is what I ate today :D.breakfast: drank milk-tealunch: I made a turkey sandwich.dinner: made another turkey sandwich..

  • Breakfast: Oatmeal(Mon-Fri), scrambled eggs with cheese(Sat & Sun)Lunch:It depends. On Saturdays my mom and I like to go out to eat a restaurant.Dinner:I don't eat dinner. I'm home alone all of the time so if I do it's something like Ramen or a TV dinner

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  • Normally every day I have oatmeal with milk, peanut butter, flax seed, and raisins every morning. For lunch I usually have yougurt with unsalted peanuts and craisins. For dinner it varies. It normally revolves around some sort of meat and some sort of vegetable.

  • Whatever I can get my hands on. A sandwhich, McDonalds, s salad, snack, human flesh, anything to munch on.

  • I usually only eat one meal a day. Either my mom cooks or it's something I ate. It's always different.