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Why does it seem that females always go for the bad boy type?

So this is a simple question. In my experience with females it seems that they typically go for the bad boy type instead of a nice guy. They claim... Show More

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  • I go for attractive good guys.Girls may go for bad boys because the guy is:attractiveexcitingthey mistake arrogance for confidencethey like being treated badly if he's a jerkbad doesn't always = jerk/a**holeThey may not go for nice guys because most are:bitterunattractivepushoversapproval seekersnot really niceguys who think being shy/socially awakward/not confident/unattractive/bad with girls makes them a nice guy instead of being niceJust because you're a nice guy doesn't make you the right guy for her.

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  • Excitement and I didn't know the guy is bad news until I started to date him.

  • because bad boys have an excitement factor and they seem like they can have any girl so we tend to go for them.

  • some how, bad boys are more challenging.girls want what they can't get, & the bad boy types are thrilling.

  • It's younger girls mostly.Girls who think that bad boys are more interesting, more dangerous. They're exciting and unpredictable and maybe, just maybe, if she's really lucky, she'll break him and make him, hers. It's just the thrill and the game and the chase and such.Then they see that they were treated poorly and say 'good guys only'. But to the young ladies (some of them) good guys are boring and offer no excitement or real fun at all.It's a phase, all grown up women grow out of it.

  • i've never gone for the bad boy type. I feel like bad boys are in arrested development :p

  • The bad boy demands respect and the nice boy does not. Also, the nice guy is a little too straightforward. You have to hold something back until you think you've caught her.

  • The ladies want to get f***ed, and f***ed over. seriously tho 2 reasons I have noticed, its just the type of girl who actually just wants a fling or short uncommitted relationship. Some nice guys just have a hard time approaching girls because girls no matter what type don't like approaching guys they wait for the guy to approach because they are insecure. I would consider the bad boy type as a sort of man whore. they seem to get all the girls because they approach more girls then insecure "good guys", but don't worry you will find a girl who is good like you it just happens eventually, try approaching more girls.

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