Why does it seem that females always go for the bad boy type?

So this is a simple question. In my experience with females it seems that they typically go for the bad boy type instead of a nice guy. They claim to want a nice guy but they end up choosing the bad boy. I'm asking because of course I'm a nice guy and yes I seem to always finish last lol. So I need honest here, laides why do ya'll seem to go for the bad boy type instead of the nice guy.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I go for attractive good guys.

    Girls may go for bad boys because the guy is:



    they mistake arrogance for confidence

    they like being treated badly if he's a jerk

    bad doesn't always = jerk/a**hole

    They may not go for nice guys because most are:




    approval seekers

    not really nice

    guys who think being shy/socially awakward/not confident/unattractive/bad with girls makes them a nice guy instead of being nice

    Just because you're a nice guy doesn't make you the right guy for her.