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What type of underwear do you prefer, girls?

Girls- what type do you prefer wearing

guys- what type do you prefer your girl to wear

can also add why that type in the comments.

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What Girls Said 13

  • Bikini...they're so comfy and can be cute if you look for the right ones.

  • I always change around according to what I'm wearing. For example if I'm wearing yoga pants I have to wear a thong because it won't make lines through my yoga pants

  • boyshorts/boxers or thong, depends on my outfit

  • I like the boxer brief underwear for girls.

  • Depends on my outfit for the day; it can be a thong or a bikini or boyshorts or anything in between.

  • thongs

  • cheekies!

  • thoonnnnggg

  • Show me a girl that likes having a wedgie all day. Of course we prefer to wear normal underwear! (most of us, at least)

    • you say that, but I know a few girls who all say they prefer thongs...

  • boyshorts for me

  • i love wearing thongs but I also love wearing guys boxers to sleep in as well

  • panties that won't be stuck between my butt cheeks ugh

What Guys Said 4

  • Isn't it supposed to depend on what clothes you are wearing? Why would you wear thongs under jeans? Why would you wear something minimal under a shortish skirt or dress if there is a chance of exposing yourself to beaver hunters.

  • I like her in all of them but I prefer boyshorts or thongs just because they are so sexy

  • What about boyshorts/hipsters/cheeksters?

  • anything which is easy to remove and then wear again, because one can FACE THIS SITUATION anytime...lolzzzz

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