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How to stop being sad?

Have you ever felt so incredibly sad that you wonder how long it will last? You keep crying and it makes you feel better momentarily. The only time... Show More

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  • If you sit there and just dwell on whatever it is then it festers. You need to throw yourself into something like work, hanging out with friends or even exercising. You may not have the energy to do so but just give it a try.

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  • What helps is not to dwell on it but make your mind and body focus on something else. This is easier said than done when in a very dark place but it's still the answer. Exercise or intense work is a HUGE help in situations like yours.

    Get better !

    • Thanks.

  • I'm there with you right now sister...

    • That's too bad. Feel better.

    • The pain is constant, but like everyone says - staying occupied helps eleviate a lot of it

  • Nope.

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  • Yes. I keep myself busy so that my mind have no time to engage in such negative thoughts.

  • lol you're so dramatic!

    for you, I suggest a therapist

    • Notice all the downs you got...says a lot about your lame answer.

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    • Good because I'm pretty much done with you.

    • Amen! lol

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